20 Reasons to Keep Wearing High Heels

Why should women keep wearing heels if they’re so bad for the feet, back, muscles, and bones? Here’s why (once you’ve found the correct heel height and applied these little tricks to make heels more comfortable):

1. They spell F-I-E-R-C-E.

2. They work the core and calf muscles like no other.

3. They make legs and butts look amazingly good.

4. They force you to have good posture.

When you stand up straight, you look instantly slimmer!


5. They look sexy even if you’re just sitting in them.

6. The best shoefies are almost always of heels.

7. Even just the sound of someone walking in heels can intimidate/strike fear.

8. They are literally a great equalizer.

9. They allow you to adjust your height accordingly.

10. They can make any outfit look instantly dressed-up.

You could be wearing a man’s t-shirt and tattered boyfriend jeans, but add heels, then BAM, insta-chic.

11. They’re the best for making a grand entrance.

12. They put some extra sway in your step.

13. They look really good as you come down from a car.

14. One can gauge how much of an expert someone is at something if she/he can do it in heels.

15. They make you feel like Beyonce.

19. Doing amazing things in heels looks even more amazing.

Like shuffling.

20. Can’t miss the glorious moment of finally being able to kick off your heels.

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