Marc by Marc Jacobs Cuffed Shoes: Ruffles or Hair Scrunchies?

The Marc by Marc Jacobs shoe designers have really taken Marc Jacobs’ designing process to heart. They have started attaching all sorts of embellishments on their shoes and while Marc Jacobs himself seems to prefer fringes and fox tails lately, the designers this time have chosen some really ruffly ruffled cuffs.

Check out the new line of Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes, all adorned with the gathered fabric effect bunched up around the ankles:

Ruffle Cuff Flat Sandals Marc by Marc Jacobs Ruffle Cuff Flat Sandals, $395.00

Let’s start with the tamest of them all. The buckle strap on these flats is something we see on a lot of sandals and something that a lot of people can easily wear, so no big deal.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Ruffle Cuff Suede BootiesMarc by Marc Jacobs Ruffle Cuff Suede Booties, $495.00

Second are these Marc by Marc Jacobs Ruffle Cuff Suede Booties which have a much wider ankle cuff than the flats. But these are still totally wearable and the light wood color on the stacked heel is an unexpected combination with the light grey suede.

Marc by Marc Jacobs 694168, $229.50

To me, these ballet flats look like someone took off their socks and stuffed them in there. But someone who bought these flats used the words “fabby, cute, fun, funky, and sexy” to describe them. Do you agree?

Marc by Marc Jacobs 694575 mid heel pumps, $450.00

Reserved for last are these Marc by Marc Jacobs 694575 mid heel pumps with what appears to be hair scrunchies around the ankles. I don’t suppose it looks better when it’s all stretch out when worn. These pumps definitely beat the bracelet ankle straps that’s becoming another inexplicable trend in shoes.

Ruffles on footwear isn’t a new thing, but do you like these hair scrunchie-looking ankle wraps on these Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes?

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