Video: Lovely Vintage Selfie Shoes Complete with iPhone Dock in Toe

Tired of carrying around a selfie stick all the time? Our friends at Miz Mooz have found the perfect solution for you. Their new laser-cut heels features an open square toe with a dock that you can slip your iPhone into. Could this possibly be the invention of the century?

Selfie Shoes

Selfie Shoes 2Miz Mooz Introduces the New Selfie Shoes on April 1, 2015

Sounds too good to be true? The promotional video was just an April Fool’s joke from the New York-based shoe store Miz Mooz.

It’s probably a good thing. Not only are the shoes horrendously ugly, but you would also need to be extremely flexible just to take a photo. Do you think anyone would buy this bizarre invention?

   Miz Mooz Selfie ShoesMiz Mooz Selfie-Shoes, $199

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