Play Shoe Association Game (Starting with Jimmy Choo’s ‘Zen’ Sandal Boots)

Since so many shoes remind us of other shoes, I thought it’d be interesting to try and play an association game with them. This works just like a word association game wherein you write or say words that are related to the previous word. But of course, since this is a shoe association game, we’re going to use shoes instead of words.

So let’s start the game, beginning with these Jimmy Choos:

Jimmy Choo ‘Zen’ suede sandal boots, $995.00

Jimmy Choo 'Zen' suede sandal boots

Beautiful pair to start off with. This Jimmy Choo Spring 2011 shoe is all suede in a stunning sand color. It’s got intricate details like 4-inch stacked heel, silver studs, tassels and a tonal whipstitch trim. But more than anything else, its triangular cutouts along the vamp are what instantly bring this next pair of shoes to mind:

Sergio Rossi ‘A22720’ cutout leather wedges, $870.00

Sergio Rossi 'A22720' cutout leather wedges

You could almost call these Sergio Rossis the wedge versions of the previous Jimmy Choos. They’ve got the same triangular cutouts, the same tonal whipstitching, the same back zip and even the same stacked heel!

If these Sergio Rossis weren’t wedges, these and the Jimmy Choos could be mistaken as shoes from the same designer. But thank god they’re wedges because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to add these Stuart Weitzmans to the list:

Stuart Weitzman ‘Perfbootie’ lace-up peep toe wedge booties, $375.00

Stuart Weitzman 'Perfbootie' lace-up peep toe wedge booties

This Perfbootie is, well, the perfect addition! We’ve got the stacked wedge heel, the cutouts and now we’ve got a lace-up front to work with.

This brings us to this next shoe which has this new feature. It also has a little bit more, which is essential to continuing with this association list:

Sam Edelman ‘Kellan’ laced strap lace-up platform wedges, $225.00

Sam Edelman 'Kellan' laced strap lace-up platform wedges

There are a lot of Azzedine Alaia-inspired shoes coming out nowadays and these Sam Edelman ‘Kellan’ wedges are one of them. These don’t have the cutouts anymore but the curved straps are interlaced with thinner straps, thus creating that cutout look!

The cutout look is also what’s going to take us to the next shoe in this associate game. You might remember this shoe from one of our previous articles on this brand but that’s just Mea Shadow‘s current signature style:

Mea Shadow Giglio cutout wedges, $178.00

Mea Shadow Giglio cutout wedges

If you think you’ve seen it all in cutouts, you haven’t seen this stretched cobweb-like design on these Mea Shadow wedges! The perforations seem random but those are made with laser cut precision. And that precision is what’s going to bring us to our last pair of “association” shoes, these ankle boots from Liliana:

Liliana Crown-1 ankle boots, $40.25

Liliana Crown-1 ankle boots

You can’t get any more precise than the geometric floral design on these Liliana ankle boots. And though their $40 price is a far cry from the nearly thousand-dollar Jimmy Choos at the beginning of this list, the triangular cutouts, the peep toe and the stacked heel are all reminiscent of the first pair.

Those things also make these Lilianas the perfect pair to round up this game. From $995.00 down to $40.25, I think we’ve covered a pretty wide range of shoes in this shoe associate game!

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