Shoe Obsession: The New Alexander McQueen Steel Toe and Stacked Platform Suede Pumps

Today I am pining for these fresh pumps from Alexander McQueen, never mind that they’re quite high to begin with. I came across these beauties while browsing through Zappos yesterday.

Aren’t these gorgeous? I love all the details, from the steel decorated toe and heel arch, to the two tone double stacked platform, to the subtle dove grey color of the suede material – it’s all PERFECT:

Alexander McQueen Platform Pump with Metal Toe and Heel Arch, $985

I guess if I had anything to complain about, it would be the height and the price. This pair sits on really high 6 inches worth of stacked stilettos. No, I’m not kidding; it’s really 6 inches. The platforms are only 1.5 inches thick so you will actually be walking in a rather steep, and might I say, painful, 4.5 (inches). That means you’d have to be someone like Victoria Beckham to feel comfortable in these.

6 inch Heel, Metal Toe and Arch, and Double Stacked Island Platform

That said, the height would still not discourage me from buying the shoes if I could afford it. It’s such a pretty pair to pass up so why should I? And since walking in 4.5 inch heels would be clearly out of the question, I will most likely just wear it while sitting down, or put it in my “shoe closet” as a display and stare at it. Of course, this is all just wishful thinking.

Now speaking of affordability, these McQueens will cost a whopping $985 a pop; not in my budget but like I said, if I could afford it, I’d still buy it and savor it in the comforts of a chair. Now if you’re “well-heeled”, well-moneyed, and you want this pair, simply head over to Zappos and make your purchase. Enjoy looking fabulous!

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