Suri Cruise Has a $150,000+++ Shoe Collection and Custom-Made Christian Louboutins

Star Magazine reports that 5-year-old Suri Cruise has a shoe collection worth over a staggering $150,000 — and that’s just a portion of her designer label-stuffed wardrobe which some sources estimate to be worth over a cool $3 million.

At this point, I think it’s all right to say that I’m envious of a young child. Her clothes and shoes alone are worth more than my entire house many times over.

Suri Cruise’s shoe collection includes pieces by Marc Jacobs, of whom she’s a “massive fan”. A source also told Star magazine that “the older she gets, the less she wants to wear anything but little heels.”

If they didn’t come with heels, mom Katie Holmes had them redesigned for her little big spender. Katie even had a pair commissioned just for Suri from none other than reigning king of designer shoes Christian Louboutin.

A 5-year-old with her own custom-made Louboutins. You could say that Suri has been training for them for over two years now because she’s been spotted wearing little high-heeled shoes since she was 3 years old.

Check out the evolution of Suri Cruise in high heels:

Suri Cruise enjoying a day at Brooklyn Bridge park New York City (September 3, 2012) and Suri Cruise spending the afternoon at the Central Park Zoo in Midtown (July 11, 2012)

Suri Cruise leaves her Manhattan residence to go out to dinner (March 16, 2011) and Suri Cruise at a Memorial day beach party in Malibu (May 30, 2011) and

Suri Cruise boarding a private jet in Prague (September 24, 2010) and arriving on the set of Jack and Jill (October 20, 2010)

Now, you can never compare children of the rich and famous to average children but as she is touted as a style icon of sorts, Suri Cruise has undeniable influential power. Parenting groups are complaining about the high heel rage that Suri apparently sparked among the under 5 set.

The Gap included high heels in their Kids line as soon as Suri was first spotted in hers and they’re reporting brisk sales. While Gap has answered criticisms with assurances that they test their heeled designs for safety, can the same be said of the numerous other retailers who jumped on the high-heels-for-kids trend?

High heels for… kids?

  1. A Line patent leather floral-topped heels, $74.00
  2. Shoe Be Doo topstitched beribboned heels, $81.00
  3. Lelli Kelly Kids New Mille Volti Elegant glitter mary janes, $75.00
  4. Amiana gold snakeskin sandals, $72.80
  5. Nina Kids Gennifer jeweled sandals, $36.00
  6. Jumping Jacks Kids Anna Mary Janes, $43.20

All of these heels for kids can easily be found at Zappos.

Now some of you might not agree with buying heels for children but a $150,000 shoe collection at just 5 years old is impressive any way you look at it!

Credit: Stefan Jeremiah/WENN/Ivan Nikolov/Michael Wright

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