Stunning Shoe Designs by Tattoo Tina

According to her online biography, Tattoo Tina is a disabled artist originally from Sardinia. No, not the Italian island of Sardinia, but the village of Sardinia in Brown and Highland counties in Ohio.

After graduating from the Southern State Community College with a degree in fine arts and a perfect grade point average, Tattoo Tina started her own tattoo shop in Batavia, which is another small village in her home state of Ohio. Unfortunately, she had to close the shop due to spinal cord injuries and moved to New Orleans in 2007.

Despite her disability, Tattoo Tina continues to paint and craft on occasion. Her beautiful creations are published on her Etsy Store, from which you can order custom shoes and one-of-a-kind works of art. She promises to “put extreme passion into creating whatever it is you want created.”

Have a look at some of her creations below, and let us know if you’d like Tattoo Tina to create your next shoes!

black gold and white fleur

blue and black

handmade with hello kitty fabric

leopard print gold leaf

Marilyn Monroe take 3 image

mixed acrylic

pink rose and green

red and yellow fire

red brick wall

red flowers and white pearls

roses are red

Silver with Black

Tattoo Tina 2

Tattoo Tina 3

Tattoo Tina 4

Tattoo Tina 5

Tattoo Tina 6

Tattoo Tina 7

Tattoo Tina 8

Tattoo Tina 9

Tattoo Tina 10

White with silver Pinstripe

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