Taylor Says Shoes Have Touched Down at Heels!

When Heels announced that they were introducing Taylor Says shoes, we got a feeling of deja vu.

We knew we’ve heard of that label before. A quick look into our archives showed that not only have we heard of Taylor Says previously but have even featured a pair in our very first post for 2012. It was a glittery pair of rhinestone-studded pumps that reflected light like a disco ball. Perfect shoes for ringing in the New Year.

Now, Taylor Says has new shoe styles that are perfect for celebrating all kinds of events, from Fourth of July to a lovely summer picnic to just having a plain ol’ good sunny-yellow day. When you’re feeling a little fierce, there’s the lion-printed pair for you. If you want to give your outfit a bite, look no further than the shark pumps complete with a little fin detail!

California native Taylor Reeve, the designer behind Taylor Says, has taken the fascination with soles of shoes to a whole new level.

Strut your stuff in these sexy, sassy, stylin’ shoes from Taylor Says. They’re available for pre-order now at Heels.

Taylor Says “Brossie” Printed Leather Platform Pumps, $199.99

Taylor Says “Royal Hearts” Encrusted Heart Toe Patent Pumps, $219.99

Taylor Says “Smiles” Patent Pumps, $179.99

Taylor Says “Sharkie” Pumps, $199.99

Taylor Says “Lookie” Studded Suede Pumps, $269.99

Taylor Says “Fierce” Multicolor Studded Suede Pumps, $269.99

Taylor Says “Melons” Gingham Check Pumps, $129.99

Taylor Says “Roddie” Printed Pumps, $159.99

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