New Label to Love: Sweet-Meets-Subversive Shoes by Tildon

If you like sleek, sexy, sophisticated pieces that are insanely charming and edgy at the same time, then here’s a label that you must know — Tildon.

We came across the brand while browsing through Nordstrom earlier today. To say it was love at first sight would probably be an understatement. Once you see their shoes, you’ll practically die of happiness. And here’s the thing, they don’t just offer au courant styles that are classic yet modern and chic; their prices are too good to pass up as well — soooo freakin’ good that you can actually afford to buy more than just one pair at a time.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, then, check out their shoes below, and you be the judge:

tildon shoes

tildon flawless bootieTildon Flawless Booties in Black, $90 

tildon dash flats in silver 

tildon dash flats in pinkTildon Dash Flats in Silver and Pink, $50 

tildon classik bootiesTildon Classik Booties in Black, $80 

tildon astoria oxfords animal printTildon Astoria Oxfords in Black/White, $60 

tildon astoria oxfords silverTildon Astoria Oxfords in Silver, $60 

tildon blair sandalsTildon Blair Sandals in Pink, $70 

tildon risa sandalsTildon Risa Ankle-Wrap Pumps in Black, $70 

tildon alexia sandals

tildon alexia sandalsTildon Alexia Sandals in Blue, $50 

tildon lindy wedgeTildon Lindy Wedge Sandals in White, $70

Well, what do you think? Aren’t these ultra fashionable kicks worthy to be had?

We highly recommend that you include Tildon in your shopping list from now on. You can also find tops, jackets, and skirts in their current lineup. They actually remind us a lot of Topshop, though less trendy and perhaps a bit more polished in terms of look and feel.

To check out more of Tildon, simply head over to Nordstrom. Enjoy shopping!

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