Teen Bride Courtney Stodden Considers Them Running Shoes

I’ve been looking at these Versace cutout platform sandals for a while now, not sure whether to consider them sexy or stripper-ish.

I’m leaning more towards the latter because one, they’re from Versace, a label that’s fast gaining a rep here on YNS for making luxury stripper heels. Two, because well, they look like this, complete with a staggering 6.3″-high stiletto heel:

Versace laminated patent platform sandals in gold and black, $1,028.00

Okay, so a six-inch stiletto is something we scoff at here on YNS but we know it’s not always the height that makes shoes look so scandalous.

Maybe these Versaces would look less stripper-ish if they weren’t in in a shiny gold and black color combo? I also prefer the straps to be a little thicker and the 2.4″ front platform to be a little lower.

How do you find these Versace platform sandals — SEXY or SLEAZY?

I know someone who would just LOVE these sandals and would actually consider them to be SPORTY. 17-year-old Courtney Stodden, most controversial famous for becoming The Green Mile‘s Doug Hutchinson’s teen bride, was seen jogging in LA wearing a pair of clear stripper heels just last week:

If there’s a picture here on YNS that makes absolutely no sense, this would be it.

The Versace platform sandals also comes in this multi-color version:

Versace laminated patent platform sandals in multi-color, $978.00

You can find these thousand-dollar stripper heels — or running shoes for Courtney Stodden — at Farfetch.

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