Would You Wear the Jeffrey Campbell Benched?

If you want a pair of edgy looking Jeffrey Campbells, there is only one store to check – Solestruck. They pretty much have every Jeffrey Campbell creation you can think of. Among the latest from JC is this incredibly amazing pair called Benched. The moment I saw it, I was awestruck. Can such a shoe design even be wearable? And what of comfort?

Jeffrey Campbell Benched in Beige/Black, Black, Grey, and Natural, $190 (Sold Out)

You know what, YES, it is wearable. And YES, it’s actually comfortable! This is a relatively new style but the two reviews it has so far say a lot about the shoe. Now I would love to talk about the shoe a little more but Solestruck’s description of it is so aptly put that I would much rather quote it instead:

“A new style knockout from JC is here and man, it is nothing short of the incredible. The BENCHED is a masterpiece of proportion and illusion. It doesn’t look like it should be possible but trust us, this shoe is totally wearable and looking amazingly cool on. Cutting out the middle part of the foot adds such drama and the oversized cutout wedge heel with the proper oxford lace upper is genius. Mad genius that is!”

– Solestruck

Indeed, now we can definitely dub Jeffrey Campbell a master of illusion. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the heel height is 5.5 inches while the platform thickness is 3.5. If that sounds good to you and you’re dying to put these shoes on, simply order them via Solestruck. I trust your $190 will be very much worth it.

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