Who Is Oonagh Paige Heard’s Father? What We Know About Amber’s Baby

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Amber Heard’s highly publicized legal battle with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, brought her even more attention in the media.

The trial was filled with startling revelations about their tumultuous marriage. Depp sued his former co-star for $50 million in Virginia’s Fairfax County Circuit Court. Meanwhile, Heard countersued him for $100 million for defaming her.

Heard had identified herself as a victim of domestic abuse in the 2018 op-ed that appeared in the Washington Post, which Depp claimed had destroyed his reputation and career.


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The Trial and Its Aftermath

The trial ended in a landmark decision, with a jury of seven people siding with the 59-year-old actor in the defamation case. Heard has since announced that she would be appealing the judgment and couldn’t pay the $10.35 million in damages she has been ordered to pay.

Introducing Oonagh Paige Heard

During her testimony on May 17, 2022, she mentioned her daughter, Oonagh Paige Heard, saying, “I want to move on with my life. I have a baby. I have to move on. I want to move on, and I want Johnny to move on too.”

It was one of the rare times she had mentioned her daughter in public. She said she looked forward to becoming a full-time mom rather than juggling calls with attorneys after the trial.

In December 2022, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp settled their defamation lawsuit out of court, with Amber agreeing to pay $1 millionIn December 2022, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp settled their defamation lawsuit out of court, with Amber agreeing to pay $1 million (Credit: The Photo Access / Cover Images)

Heard’s baby has piqued people’s interest, including her father’s identity. Although the public is not privy to the identity of Oonagh Paige’s father, there have been several rumors and speculations about who he might be.

Let’s delve into the mystery surrounding Oonagh Paige Heard and her enigmatic father and discover any information or clues about their lives.

Announcing the Arrival of Her Daughter

Amber Heard made a surprising announcement on July 1, 2021, revealing that she had welcomed a daughter through a surrogate. In an Instagram post featuring a picture of her with her newborn, Heard stated that she decided to become a parent on her “own terms.”

In a photo of her lying on a white bed with her baby curled up and asleep on her chest, the 36-year-old actress wrote, “I’m so excited to share this news with you. Four years ago, I decided I wanted to have a child. I wanted to do it on my own terms. I now appreciate how radical it is for us as women to think about one of the most fundamental parts of our destinies in this way.”


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She added, “I hope we arrive at a point in which it’s normalized to not want a ring in order to have a crib. A part of me wants to uphold that my private life is none of anyone’s business. I also get that the nature of my job compels me to take control of this.”

Her post continued, “My daughter was born on April 8, 2021. Her name is Oonagh Paige Heard. She’s the beginning of the rest of my life.”


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Exploring Surrogacy and Heard’s Decision

Friends of the actress have revealed to Page Six that after learning she wouldn’t be able to carry a child, Heard decided to pursue surrogacy to start a family.

And to help women struggling with infertility, Heard has been open about her experience. She hopes that by being candid about her journey to motherhood, she can help other women who may be having fertility issues or considering surrogacy.

Speculations About the Father’s Identity

When Amber Heard announced the birth of her daughter, fans were surprised and curious about the baby’s father, who had not been made public.

The actress reportedly had a relationship with cinematographer Bianca Butti when Oonagh Paige was born, but the couple separated in December 2021.


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Amber Heard’s High-Profile Relationships

Heard has a history of high-profile relationships, including dating billionaire Elon Musk and being rumored to have been romantically linked with actor James Franco and model Cara Delevingne.

She was also previously married to Johnny Depp, but the couple divorced in May 2016 after just 15 months of marriage.

During the infamous defamation trial, Depp claimed that Heard had affairs with Franco and Musk while they were married, with the latter listed as a potential character witness for the actress, but he was not called.

While Heard intermittently dated Musk between 2016 and 2018, both denied Depp’s allegations of infidelity during their marriage.

The actress has not revealed the identity of Oonagh’s father or sperm donor and, according to a source close to her, is the “sole legal parent” of her child.

Heard’s Role as a Single Parent

In July 2021, Heard posted a photo on Instagram, which showed her holding her daughter while both were looking at a computer screen.

She wrote in the caption, “I’m just the mom and the dad. She’s the boss. 🍼💝”


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Rumors and Legal Dispute Over Embryos

However, there were wild rumors online that Elon Musk is the father of Oonagh Paige. The speculations claimed that Heard and Musk engaged in a legal dispute over frozen embryos in 2020, with the actress wanting to keep them to have a baby while the Tesla CEO wanted to destroy them.

According to a declaration reportedly submitted by Depp’s legal team in the defamation case, Jennifer Howell, an ex-friend of Whitney Henriquez Heard, had a conversation with Heard’s late mother during a visit to her sister’s home.

Howell allegedly recounted in the court filing that Paige, the actress’s mother, told her that Heard had claimed Musk was “controlling, abusive.”

Additionally, Heard “was in a legal battle with him over the rights to the embryos they had created together.” However, the document wasn’t used as evidence in court.

Social Media Glimpses into Motherhood

Amber Heard continued to share glimpses of her life as a single mother since she introduced her daughter to the public.

The actress frequently posted pictures of her and her daughter participating in various activities on Instagram. Oonagh Paige accompanied her mother during green juice runs and was her training companion.

In September 2021, Heard shared an adorable photo of herself holding a silver weight in one arm and her daughter in the other, captioning “Multitasking mama” and adding an arm muscle emoji.

Heard even referred to Oonagh Paige as her “mini me” in a February 2022 photo where the proud mom carried her baby with matching water bottles in front.


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To mark some of her daughter’s milestones, Heard has also shared several photographs on social media. In a photo celebrating her half birthday, Oonagh Paige is seen standing on Heard’s lap, and the actress captioned it with, “The six best months of my life, the first six months of hers 💕.”

On April 8, 2022, just three days before her appearance in Virginia’s Fairfax County Circuit Court for Depp’s defamation case against her, Heard shared a photo of herself and her daughter playing with pink balloons with the caption, “My little O is a year old today. I still can’t believe you’re here. The greatest year ❤️.”

The Significance of Oonagh Paige’s Name

Amber Heard’s connection to her daughter’s name runs deep and carries a meaningful tribute to her late mother, Paige Heard, who passed away almost three years ago.

Although Heard has not publicly discussed the inspiration behind her child’s moniker, her daughter’s middle name is a clear homage to her mother, as announced by the actress in a heartfelt Instagram post on May 4, 2020, following her mother’s passing.

In the post, Heard expressed her deep sorrow and devastation at losing her mother, whom she described as a light to everyone she encountered.


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She wrote, “I am heartbroken and devastated beyond belief at the loss of my mom, Paige Heard. She left us too early, clasping onto the memory of her beautiful, gentle soul. She will be missed from the very depths of our hearts forever.”

Heard went on to share that her mother’s “unflinching, open heart made her the most beautiful woman I had ever known” and that she felt “truly lucky to have been her daughter and been given the gift of having the light she shone on everyone, fall on me for nearly 34 years.”

A year later, in honor of her mother, Heard gave her daughter the meaningful name Oonagh Paige, with “Oonagh” being a respelling of “Una” of Irish origin, which means “lamb.”