You Can Now Buy a Pair of Kobi Levi ‘Chewing Gum’ Shoes

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In our feature on Kobi Levi and his shoes back in November, we mentioned that the Israeli designer was not out to make money off of his cheeky shoe designs. Aside from not really being for mass consumption, they’re also difficult for Kobi Levi to mass produce. He painstakingly makes each pair by hand so you can’t really blame the guy when he says he feels like he’s going to “lose his mind” over making his shoes.

But he must have gotten and must still be getting so many inquiries on where to buy his shoes because he’s finally done it — he’s finally created the website Kobi Levi Design just for orders. Still, he has limited each design to only 20 pairs each. All shoes are still handmade by Kobi Levi himself and you know what limited edition + handmade equals to — sky-high designer prices.

Those ‘Chewing Gum’ shoes? They’re going for $2,240 a pop. Those popular ‘Miao’ shoes that look like cats stretching are $2,100 while the Madonna-inspired ‘Blond Ambition’ shoes are a staggering $3,080.

Considering that Kobi Levi’s shoes are dubbed as “wearable art”, perhaps those astronomical prices are not all that surprising?

Someone’s also apparently paying those prices because Kobi Levi has recently come out with these new marine life-inspired shoe designs, now available for both women AND men:

Shark sShoe

Mr. Shark Shoe, Kobi Levi’s First Men’s Footwear Design

Orca Shoe

Mr. Orca Shoe

To see more of his shoes, check out part 1 and part 2 of our Kobi Levi feature.

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