5 Designer High Top Women’s Wedge Sneakers for Luxury Lovers

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It’s no secret wedge sneakers are still trending this season. This trend was hot last year, and it’s still quite popular this year.

And why wouldn’t it be when heel lovers can get comfortable and sporty without resorting to flats? You get the much-needed height boost while looking undeniably laid back and cool.

We’ve already shown you fresh, sleek, and mid-priced wedge sneakers for walking tall this fall. Today, we’re going to present five more.

This batch, however, is for the lady who lives a more extravagant lifestyle: Ergo, the gal who likes it luxe and won’t settle for anything less than the best.

Check out these five wedge high-tops from Burberry, Chloe, Giuseppe Zanotti, Isabel Marant, and Lanvin. Tell me, if you had an unlimited cash supply, which of these would you order?

1. Fur-Trimmed Hybrid from Burberry

Burberry Rabbit Lined Wedge SneakerBurberry Rabbit Lined Wedge Sneaker, $950

2. Quilt Details from Chloe

Chloe Leather and Suede High Top Wedge SneakerChloe Leather and Suede High Top Wedge Sneaker, $740

3. Flirty Fringes from Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Fringe Wedge SneakerGiuseppe Zanotti Suede Fringe Wedge Sneaker, $875

4. Metallics from Isabel Marant

Etoile Isabel Marant Bird Wedge SneakerEtoile Isabel Marant Bird Wedge Sneaker, $755

5. Sleek Cap Toe from Lanvin

Lanvin High Top Wedge Sneaker with Cap ToeLanvin High Top Wedge Sneaker with Cap Toe, $454

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