Handbag Too Heavy? 4 Easy Steps To Lighten a Purse

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Our bags might as well be the definition of our daily lives — gadgets, flats, makeup/health kits, umbrellas, diapers, yoga mats — you know what we’re talking about, ladies!

Everything we think we (or our loved ones) can possibly need for the day (or year) can be found in our everyday totes.

On a good day, mine weighs a good 5–7 lbs, complete with a small laptop. According to a study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science, habitually carrying a heavy bag on one side can affect how you walk.

How to make your handbag lighter in minutesHow to make your handbag lighter in minutes

I know you can already feel the strain on your back and shoulders, so we’re giving you some tips on how to successfully detoxify your heavy bag in minutes!

1. Know what you’re carrying

Take a breath and dump everything on a clean table. Completely empty out your tote, so you can get a good idea of what you are dealing with.

2. Remove garbage

Take the trash out — old receipts (that you don’t need), candy wrappers, scratch papers, etc. You may also want to look at the makeup or medications that you’re carrying; they might be expired already!

3. Rationalize and compromise

This is probably the hardest step in the process — rationalizing whether or not to keep items you think you need in your tote.

The best way to go about it? Compromise. Instead of keeping those “emergency” flats/sweater in your bag, leave a pair at work or in your car!

Carrying three novels at a time? If you’re not into tablets or Kindle, keep only one book with you until you finish it.

4. Use small purses

You can use small purses to group your stuff together — medication, cards, keys — not only to be able to find them faster but also to avoid the chaos of having too many free-flowing items inside your large bag.

We hope these tips will lighten your everyday load! We’ve also got some of our favorite totes/small bags from ModCloth.

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