Meet the Top 10 Shoe Bloggers of July 2013

Although we still have a few days left before we say goodbye to this month, we are thrilled to introduce you to the top 10 shoe bloggers of July. As always, it was not that easy to narrow our list down to 10. A lot of fashion bloggers from around the world created some wonderful shoe posts this month. After going through hundreds of them, we have finally picked our top 10!

1. Wioletta Mary Kate from Poland

Ombre heels are so striking, which is why Wioletta made it to our list. She sported a pair of sandals that feature a bold yet feminine color combination. They have pink platforms and straps across the toes, while the ankle straps and heel counters are in blue. What made them all the more interesting are the ombre Lucite heels! These added playfulness to her plain blue dress!

See more of her interesting styles at Mary-Kate Fashion.

Wioletta Mary Kate

Wioletta Mary Kate1

2. Maria De La Cruz from Los Angeles

Take it from Maria when it comes to giving edge to a classy look. Her white lace dress looks so feminine and elegant, and the addition of her golden accessories made her entire look posh. To give it some edge, she picked a pair of white-and-gold heels, which added style and sophistication.

She also has an enviable footwear collection, which you can check out at Haute Instinct.

Maria De La Cruz

Maria De La Cruz1

3. Jovana D from Serbia

Jovana clearly loves summer. Check out her two looks below featuring her floral wedges. Aren’t they the perfect finish to her easy-breezy outfits? Wedges are so in style, and we love the floral print!

You can check out more of her fresh looks at Mess in My Closet.

Jovana Dj

Jovana Dj1

4. Breanne S. from Canada

We’re not just about heels here, casual shoes are also important to us, of which Breanne’s flats are a perfect example. Kitty flats such as hers are very popular right now and often worn by Hollywood celebrities. Aside from being comfortable, they add cuteness, fun, and playfulness to a simple ensemble.

Breanne has this way of transforming simple outfits into fabulous ones. See how she does it at Flattery.

Breanne S

Breanne S1

5. Carla Estevez from Spain

Carla has eclectic style. Whether simple or bold, this blogger never fails to amuse! We were so hooked by her latest getup that includes a denim dress that features a loose but sexy silhouette, plus the cut-away shoulders and frayed trims make it one of a kind. And while denims are classic, Carla opted for neon accessories to a bold touch! As you can see, her statement bib necklace is striking! But what captured us the most are her pink heels, which matched her pretty pink lip shade. They’re equally daring. Aside from the striking pink straps, they feature towering cork platforms and heels with studding.

Her website, The Fashion Through My Eyes, is definitely worth a visit!

Carla Estevez

Carla Estevez1

6. Victoria Koroleva from Russian Federation

Victoria’s shoes are one of the most eye-catching this month. The pink and black combination is so hot. In addition to the high sculpted heels, the hidden platforms, peep toes, and overall spikes at the front and sides made these sandals really stunning! Do you like how she paired them with a dramatic laced dress?

Whether casual or formal, simple or daring, this gal is consistently stylish! Check her out at V.Koroleva.



7. Jenny Ong from Los Angeles

A cool-chic summer look is what Jenny Ong was thinking when she wore this ensemble. Denim cutoffs with a loose tee are indeed perfect for a casual stroll. Add a statement necklace and a pair of towering wedges, then you’re good to go!

We love this effortless-chic style, and we do bet you’re gonna love more of her at Neon Blush.



8. Micah Gianneli from Australia

We were so drawn not only to the Range Rover (which Micah talked about in her post) but also to Micah’s androgynous outfit that complemented the stunning ride. Her black-and-white jacket and white pants plus her accessories were perfect. In addition to that, the monochrome heels also added more edge to this sleek, modern look! They feature wide perforated straps, black slingback and front straps, and white heels.

See more of her incredible style at Micah Gianneli.



9. F Cosmos C from Turkey

Here’s another casual look that’s stylishly transformed with the help of striking heels. F Cosmos’ kimono pulled her look into the new season, but her heels were also stunning. They’re very edgy, and they gave her simple black top and denim cutoffs a modern vibe.

This girl is certainly a fashion expert; learn more from her at F Cosmos.




10. Erin Marie from New Jersey

Erin Marie wore red, black, and white for the Fourth of July. She sported a pretty girly sweetheart peplum top in red with black-and-white stripe shorts. It’s a feminine outfit balanced with edgy black flats. The flat style and cage silhouette as well as the gold plates gave the sandals a modern appeal!

Erin Marie seems to have tons of striking shoes! Check her out at A Style Sew Lovely.



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