So Gold, Glittery and Girly, They’re Bordering Gaudy

Like almost any shoes that are sparkly and pink, my first reaction to these DSquared2 bow pumps was to squeal in delight.

They’re so gold, so glittery and so girly! The gold patent parts are so shiny, the studded rolled bows are just so precious, the shock of Barbie pink is genius and glitter is always a winner:

DSquared2 glittery studded bow ankle strap pumps, $1,035.00 (Sold Out)

But as  I was downloading the images for this shoe, I got a closer look and realized that well, I was getting sick of them right away.

Anyone else feel the same thing? Like there’s so much WIN they stuffed into this one shoe that they got all muddled up and the shoe ended up being a fail.

But then that’s just me and I know some of you gals live for these kind of ultra feminine shoes. They’re also not as over-the-top to look at when you’re the one wearing them as you’ll only be seeing these gold parts from your point of view:

DSquared2 glittery studded bow ankle strap pumps

What do you think, do these DSquared2 pumps GET IT or are they GAUDY ALREADY?

If you were sold at first sight, pick up a pair of these pumps at Zappos.

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