10 Chic Flats to Wear When Taking a Break from Heels

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I was taking a style quiz the other day and came across a question similar to the title of this post.

I thought I’d direct the same question to our readers and ask: when you give your feet a break from heels, what kind of flats do you go for?

Check out the 10 choices below and select your pick. I believe your choice says a little something about you.

Do you go for…

1. The cute n’ classic bow ballet flat?

Gathered elastic, nude patent or Tory Burch, gals who go for the classic ballet flat know that you can never go wrong with it.

Tried and tested styles nowadays also come with cute accents like bows, medallions and lace overlays like this one from Melissa + Jason Wu.

Melissa + Jason Wu Ultragirl lace flats, $138.00 at Shopbop

Melissa + Jason Wu Ultragirl lace flats

2. The preppy loafer?

Images of stuffy cardigans tied around shoulders come to mind when the preppy loafer is mentioned but you know that this flat is more versatile than that! Celebs love loafers with everything from ruffly lace shorts to dresses and tights to cuffed jeans.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Katie chain suede loafers, $275.00 at Shopbop

Marc by Marc Jacobs Katie chain suede loafers

3. The chic pointy-toed flat?

One of the perennial YNS favorites, the pointy-toed flat is both comfortable and chic at the same time. It also manages to elongate the legs even without heels and avoids giving us what Victoria Beckham likes to describe as the “golf club look”.

Steven Elitte flats, $129.00 at Shopbop

Steven Elitte flats

4. The menswear-inspired lace-up oxford?

Though menswear-inspired, the style of the lace-up oxford has already been fully embraced by women. We’ve seen gals rock oxfords with sundresses and cut off denim shorts — and both look good.

Splendid Sanford oxfords, $98.00 at Shopbop

Splendid Sanford oxfords

5. The still-edgy studded flat?

For those who must still have some of their innate fierceness even without their heels, the spiked and studded flat was created.

Even Marc Jacobs decided to spike and stud up his bestselling mouse flat because he’s also realized how much we NEED our fabulosity!

Marc by Marc Jacobs studded mouse ballet flats, $250.00 at Shopbop

Marc by Marc Jacobs studded mouse ballet flats

6. The sturdy boat shoe?

All shoe lovers have got to have a sensible type of shoe and it can’t get any more sensible than a boat shoe. It’s good for driving, running errands and basically for things when you need to do a lot of walking.

Frye Reagan campus driver moccasins, $148.00 at Shopbop

Frye Reagan campus driver moccasins

7. The TOMS-style slip on?

Often seen on gals entering and exiting yoga studios, the TOMS-style slip-on is comfy and nature-friendly.

As you may know, actual TOMS are even socially responsible. Head over to our post about TOMS to learn more about their cause.

Soludos Barca striped flat espadrilles, $36.00 at Shopbop

Soludos Barca striped flat espadrilles

8. The bohemian mocs?

Bohemian is trendy now but the boho-style mocs have always been a comfortable footwear choice. Have you been choosing this option even before the bohemian look became a thing?

Minnetonka Thunderbird II moccasin flats, $40.00 at Shopbop

Minnetonka Thunderbird II moccasin flats

9. The open sandal?

Gladiator-style sandals are now pretty much considered as classics. Others still have that fully strappy look while others have a minimalistic thong or t-strap. This ‘Madea’ sandal from Ancient Greek Sandals achieves the perfect balance between the two.

Ancient Greek Sandals Medea flat thong sandals, $255.00 at Shopbop

Ancient Greek Sandals Medea flat thong sandals

10. The sporty sneaks?

Last but not least is the sporty sneaker option. Chuck Taylors, Pumas, Keds or Supergas, they all fall into this category.

Superga Cotu classic sneakers, $65.00 at Shopbop

Superga Cotu classic sneakers

So which flat option do you go for?

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