How Mercari Works: 6 Facts About Shipping and Selling Fees

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Considered much easier to use than eBay, Mercari is promoted as the fastest and easiest way to sell or buy almost anything. To sell on this platform, you must follow a couple of steps in the app or online.

1. Establish an Account

Create a Mercari account to start using the platform. After signing up, you can access your profile any time by clicking the profile picture above the screen.

You can obtain considerable information from your profile. You’ll find coupons, the total money you’ve made, as well as a verification and trust bar.

Listing on Mercari is free and you're only charged a fee when your sale is completeListing on Mercari is free and you’re only charged a fee when your sale is complete

If you verify a government ID, you could also be eligible to obtain any cash you make fast. The profile page allows you to tailor settings about you and the items as well.

On the homepage, you’ll view popular offerings and instances of the items that have sold recently.

You’ll also view trending groups. While they exist to tempt you into making purchases, they can also give you information as a seller. Remember, the more popular a category or an item, the higher the chances of your item selling fast.

If you’re uncertain about the amount to charge for a certain item, you could search the platform. Moreover, any merchandise that has a truck icon beside the cost provides free shipping.

2. Develop a Listing

To list merchandise, go to the app and click the sell button or locate the Sell on Mercari button above the homepage. Proceed to input the listing details.

Begin by uploading photos of the items you are selling. If you are selling a used item, ensure that you clean it up and add appealing images to make it more attractive to purchasers.

Good photos are essential if you want to sell shoes or other products on MercariGood photos are essential if you want to sell shoes or other products on Mercari

When taking photos, make sure you adjust the lighting for prospective purchasers to view the merchandise from all angles as well. After uploading the photos, type in the information for the description, title, brand, category, size, and the item’s condition.

The platform might auto-populate a few of the fields. However, you can easily change them. If you recognize that a field is incorrect, you have the option to edit your post. Afterward, you’ll amend the item’s shipping preferences.

When you input the ZIP code, the platform will generate an estimated shipping price depending on the information you have registered. To view the approximate, click on Nationwide Shipping that’s beneath the Delivery segment.

Picking the best shipping option is important when selling on MercariPicking the best shipping option is important when selling on Mercari

This decision can be tricky. You could pass the cost onto the purchaser, but you’ll probably need to charge less for the actual merchandise to draw people. If you choose to provide free shipping to the customer, make sure you factor this in your sale cost.

The platform will inquire whether you desire a prepaid label with shipping protection worth $200. If you select it, you could file a claim in case of any loss or damage during transit, in which case, you’ll still receive payment.

You’ll also notice a deduction of the postage cost from your sale after which you need to set the cost.

Based on the item, the platform might reveal a scale of what it considers a practical cost for the merchandise. Alternatively, you could also set the cost manually. Once you have set the cost, you can decide whether to permit “Smart Pricing.”

The platform claims this choice enhances the likelihood of a sale since the cost fluctuates depending on the demand and Mercari will inform prospective purchasers when there’s a price change.

The cost of shipping a small package with Mercari's prepaid label is $4.99The cost of shipping a small package with Mercari’s prepaid label is $4.99

If you leave this option turned on, you can determine a floor cost-the lowest cost you’ll accept. If you choose to disable it later, you can do this. Once you’ve selected a pricing choice, hit Save.

Under the chosen price, you’ll find a breakdown of the charges and your prospective earnings. There’s no charge to list items, but once the sale goes through, the platform collects 10% of the sale cost.

3. Wait for Purchasers

You’ll need to wait for purchasers. Unless you alter the settings, the platform will notify you when somebody likes what you’ve posted, sends you a message, or makes an offer.

Customizing notifications is easy, so you won’t view anything you don’t want to see outside the app.

You can decide whether to receive notifications via email or on your mobile. You can identify the number of likes your item has received under all listings. Furthermore, you can edit your listing before the sale of the item takes place.

4. Ship the Product

Once the item sells, the platform will label it as sold automatically, informing people that it is off the market. Ensure you pack the item carefully and cushion it, especially if it is breakable. You must ship the item in 3 business days.

If you’re mailing the product with your label, you must offer the shipping details to Mercari for tracking. Once the item arrives, the purchaser needs to confirm within three days that they have received the product and rate the seller.

Mercari is a selling app that makes it fast and easy to sell almost anythingMercari is a selling app that makes it fast and easy to sell almost anything (Credit: Mercari)

Ratings help future purchasers determine your trustworthiness. If the purchaser fails to rate you or doesn’t present a return request, you automatically receive a 5-star review for that transaction.

5. Obtain Your Money

Once the review procedure is complete or the 3-day window period is over, the cash from the sale will emerge in your account.

The platform will attempt to get you to spend the balance but avoid the temptation and save the cash. You could even establish earnings objectives in the app.


6. How Much Does Mercari Charge To Sell?

While listing a product is free, sellers are charged a flat 10% selling fee once a sale is completed. In addition to the selling fee, a payment processing fee and shipping costs (if you select to offer free shipping) will be deducted from your earnings.

Sellers are charged a rate of 2.9% plus $0.30 for each payment received from the buyer.

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