More Joco Comendador and His Deceptively Deadly Shoe Designs

Those Joco Comendador “very-definition-of-killer” shoes we featured last month really got you gals talking. It seemed like you still had plenty to say about them so naturally, we’re featuring even more of the conversation starter shoe styles from the rookie but resolute Filipino shoe designer!

As we’ve mentioned before, Joco Comendador started out by drawing inspiration from designers like Alexander McQueen but then slowly developed (and still is developing) his own style, taste and aesthetic. These new shoe styles he’s come up with really show much he has evolved and what his signature style is turning out to be like. As for what that signature is, well, it isn’t clear yet but we think we’re going to have to go with “wild, weird and totally out-of-this-world”.

Joco Comendador himself admits that he still has a long way to go and a lot to learn  in term of design and craftsmanship but for a full time college student/part time shoe designer, he sure has accomplished a considerable amount already. Just check out the modelling pictures below: those are his new ‘Valkyrie’ pumps used as THE choice accessories in a Philippine Fashion Week presentation. Sure, the models are having a hard time walking in them and are falling all over the place but maybe that’s the challenge to the models and to Joco Comendador now.

Clearly that’s the reason why Joco himself says that he’s not ready to sell his designs — he has to make his shoes more comfortable and more wearable and perhaps trim a few inches off their current 8″ heel height. But don’t you think that’ll bring down his avant garde shoe designs, both literally and figuratively?

These Joco Comendador ‘Valkyrie’ pumps in all their variations will be launched in July and are set to retail at approximately $120. Contact and check out more crazy shoes from Joco Comendador at

Joco Comendador ‘Valkyrie’ pumps as modeled in the Enrico Carado Holiday 2012 fashion show

Joco Comendador ‘Valkryie’ Pumps in Crystal Energy

Joco Comendador ‘Valkryie’ Pumps in Dark Seeds

Joco Comendador ‘Valkryie’ Pumps in Dark Templar

Joco Comendador ‘Valkryie’ Pumps in Distortion

Joco Comendador ‘Valkyrie’ Pumps in Snow Moth

Joco Comendador ‘Valkyrie’ Pumps in Golden Moth

Joco Comendador ‘Valkyrie’ Pumps in Elder Moth

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