6 Things to Bring in Your Tote for a Chill Day at the Beach

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We are obsessing over Kate Spade’s “South of the Border” shopper. Who wouldn’t? Look at it. It’s colorful. It’s exotic. It’s a spectacular beach bag without trying too hard.

Kate Spade "South of the Border" Canvas Bon Shopper Kate Spade “South of the Border” Canvas Bon Shopper, $148

This canvas tote features a yummy graphic of an ice cream menu with illustrations of enticing popsicles on the side. That’s it. No pom poms, no tassels. It’s just a narrow but tall bag with a simple vintage print.

Kate Spade "South of the Border" Canvas Bon Shopper

And the secret to using such a cool shopper as a beach bag is to keep things simple. Here are 6 items you can pack in the tote for a chill day at the beach.

3 beach items to pack

1. Bikini Top: BCA Chevron Stripe Bandeau Bikini Top, $29

With all the wild water sports you’ll be engaged in, you can never have too many extra bikini tops.

2. Shorts: Topshop Moto “Ruthie” Cutoff Denim Shorts, $40

Cutoffs are kind of a standard item at summer vacations. Plus frayed hems are very hippie chic.

3. Towel: Capelli of New York Towel Backpack, $20

This one’s a bit of a cheat since it’s actually a towel backpack. The best part is that you can carry it separately once it’s used to avoid drenching your other stuff.

3 beach items to pack - sunglasses, tank top, and sun protection

4. Sunglasses: Oakley “Forehand™” 57mm Sunglasses, $120

Protect your eyes with a punchy pair of shades. We love the neon orange of Oakley “Forehand™,” but its seven other hues are just as cool.

5. Tank: Kensie “Electric Avenue Malibu” Tank, $28

This soft, loose-fitting tank is for moments when you are done with your tan and are ready to just lounge around.

6. Sunscreen: Kiehl’s Activated Sun Protector Sunscreen Lotion Spray, $25

Get this sunscreen spray for easy application since you’ll be needing to reapply every two hours or every time you towel off.