Katherine Heigl Says She Didn’t Make Much Money Last Year

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Katherine Heigl has been a staple in romantic-comedy movies in the past few years. It’s not a secret that the actress chose to leave Grey’s Anatomy in 2010 in order to concentrate on acting on the big screen.

No doubt, she has made several million dollars from the string of movies she’s done, but did you know that the blonde beauty has opened up recently about not making much moolah last year?

According to reports, producers of her new movie, Jenny’s Wedding, are currently trying to raise $150,000 to fund and finish the post-production of the film. When asked if she would fill in the amount in case no money is raised, Heigl surprisingly answered back by saying, “I haven’t made that much in the last few years, man.”

Hmmm. Do you know what we think? We think that if she stuck with Grey’s Anatomy and made movies at the same time, she wouldn’t be saying what she just said. Would you agree?

We don’t know for sure if she’s really having money problems, but if her appearance at the airport last week is an indication of her “financial” situation, then perhaps the actress is indeed trying to live modestly in order to keep her cash reserve from running out.

We usually see Katherine looking put-together and sophisticated in designer threads and accessories, but for her recent plane ride, she kept it really simple in black and paired the outfit with tan brogues to match the suitcase.

Katherine Heigl tries to stay incognito with Minnie Rose‘s cashmere shawl as she arrives at LAXKatherine Heigl tries to stay incognito with Minnie Rose‘s cashmere shawl as she arrives at LAX from a flight on February 20, 2014 (Credit: WENN)

How do you like Katherine’s plane-ride style? True, she could have done better with the outfit, but it’s not so bad, right?

Yes, she looks less glamorous (and perhaps, less like a movie star), but the all-black outfit is a classic anyway. Maybe it’s a little boring, but at least she accessorized it with a frilly Minnie Rose cashmere shawl. The add-on definitely gave her attire a little extra. Don’t you think?

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