Love or Hate? The Stunning Maloles “Salome” Leather Booties

Remember the other day when I was asking you girls to help me ID Jessica Alba’s booties?

Well, while I was searching for look-alikes of that pair, I came across these Salome booties from Maloles. I think it knocked me off my feet a bit because I couldn’t forget it, hence my article today.

Maloles Salome BootieMaloles Salome Leather Bootie at Amazon

I love the suede accent, just like the way I loved the suede accents on Jessica Alba’s boots. But you see, that’s not the reason why I fell for this one. Check out the back and the side:

Back view and side view

It’s the gold grommets and chain detailed lacing that makes me want to try on a pair. I love things that come with a little twist in them, and these booties are offering exactly that. Too bad it retails for a heavy $733 (yeah…what a bummer, right?).

Of course, this is just me speaking; you may probably think otherwise. So tell me, are you loving it as much as I am? Or do you simply find it too boring?

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