Is Mercari Legit? 6 Facts About Reviews, Selling and Buying

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Mercari denotes a marketplace platform where you can sell and purchase virtually anything as long as it’s possible to send by mail. The app distinguishes itself by limiting in-person meetups and expects that sellers ship the item to purchasers.

The platform processes payments to prevent either party from being scammed. The Japanese e-commerce company also implements reviews and identity verification to ensure all parties are well-informed throughout each transaction.

Easier to use than Poshmark and eBay, Marcari is the best app you can use to declutter your closetEasier to use than Poshmark and eBay, Marcari is the best app you can use to declutter your closet

Mercari, which has US offices in Palo Alto, Portland, and Boston, charges a 10% sales fee although other charges might apply. Here’s a look at how this platform works.

Is the Platform Safe?

The platform itself is completely reliable and legitimate as an e-commerce marketplace. Both purchasers and sellers are actual people. Nevertheless, you must exercise caution when making any transaction.

The platform asserts that it does not release payments until the purchaser obtains the merchandise, confirms, and rates the seller.

While the platform provides a secure marketplace, bear in mind that it experiences similar security restrictions to several other online platforms.


Its rating system is only viewable by those who have completed purchases before, so the reviews might be slightly more dependable than other platforms.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed When Buying/Selling

1. Recognize the Inherent Risks Associated with Selling and Purchasing Online

You must comprehend the risk that comes with online activities, particularly selling and buying products online.

Whenever you browse online, it is possible that you can come across websites or materials that could download malware or other hazardous software to the device you’re using.

Selling your clothing and shoes on Mercari is a simple processSelling your clothing and shoes on Mercari is a simple process

There’s also a possibility that hackers could access your personal data from the device you’re using and use your information for identity or fraudulent activity. You must be cautious when determining whether to sell or buy online.

2. Avoid Making Deals or Talking Outside Mercari’s Platform

The platform stipulates that all transactions associated with their service should take place on the platform. This protects them from accountability for fraudulent activity and protects the purchaser and seller by offering a secure business channel.

The platform further discourages communication outside its platform for any transactions or business that takes place on their website.

If a seller engages with a purchaser on social media or personal contact, the company releases itself from any accountability for scams or fraud.

3. Maintain Thorough Records of Whatever You Sell

While selling on Mercari is easy, make sure you save information on all sell/buy transactions whether on the platform or your records. This business practice ensures you have a backup record should any problems arise with your account or a transaction.

This comprises taking numerous clear photos of whatever item you sell and recording the shipment’s tracking numbers.

If any question arises regarding an item or a purchaser claims they didn’t receive a shipment, your records will back the actions you took and verify that the shipment took place.

4. Watch Out for Counterfeit Accounts

Some purchasers will set up counterfeit accounts to collect sensitive personal information or produce a fraudulent transaction.

Fake accounts developed by bots or automated systems also exist. They can spam a purchaser or seller through counterfeit activity.

Designer products verified as authentic by Mercari get an authentication badge and a boost in searchDesigner products verified as authentic by Mercari get an authentication badge and a boost in search

You can use some online tools to verify someone’s identity online and you could report a seller or purchaser to Mercari if you suspect a fake account. If a seller or purchaser seems suspicious, trust your instinct, and don’t communicate with them.

5. Be Wary of Scammers

Some people pretend to be actual purchasers and lie to obtain free stuff. For instance, a purchaser might claim that they didn’t receive an item and receive a refund by Mercari, thereby eating the seller’s profit.

If you want to sell a designer item above $499, Mercari asks that you submit photos for authenticationIf you want to sell a designer item above $499, Mercari asks that you submit photos for authentication

They might even claim that the item arrived damaged when this isn’t the case so they can obtain a refund. Such scams result in the purchaser obtaining a refund while the seller loses out on the profit.

6. Before Purchasing, Conduct Research

As a purchaser on Mercari, like any online website, you must research before purchasing. Evaluate the posted information regarding a product, compare the information, and verify it with a 3rd party source.

Study all item’s photos and ensure you can view the item from different angles. It’s equally important to read customer reviews on a seller to determine whether they are trustworthy and offer a good purchasing experience consistently.


Nobody wants a negative experience when selling or buying online. Thankfully, these tips will help you enjoy a positive experience not just on Mercari but other platforms as well.

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