20 New Bebe Boots and Shoes That Will Turn Heads

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While best known for its clothing line, Bebe also carries a wide range of accessories and shoes.

Their official homepage at Bebe always offers great deals, and at the time of writing over 50 different styles have been heavily discounted. You’ll find even higher discounts in the Bebe store at Amazon.

Have a look at these new arrivals, and let us know which pair you like the most:

1. ‘Brie’ Mesh Sandals, $119

Brie Mesh Sandals

Brie Mesh Sandals White

2. ‘Natalee’ Snake Shooties, $159

Natalee Snake Shooties

3. Buckle Zip Snakeskin Booties, $149

Buckle Zip Snakeskin Bootie

4. ‘Cecily’ Caged Club Shoes, $129

Cecily Caged Club Shoes

5. Satin Lace-Up Sandals, $139

Satin Lace-Up Sandal Bebe

Satin Lace-Up Sandal

6. ‘Tacorda’ Platform Sandals, $189

Tacorda Platform Sandals

7. ‘Tessa’ Baroque Pumps, $129

Tessa Baroque Pumps

8. ‘Cassady’ Python Sandals, $119

Cassady Python Sandals

9. ‘Kayden’ Buckle Boots, $179

Kayden Buckle Boots

10. Zippers & Rhinestones Booties, $149

Zippers & Rhinestones Bootie

11. ‘Becka’ Metal Plate Booties, $159

bebe Becka Metal Plate Booties

12. ‘Dariana’ Strap Chain Sandal, $79

Dariana Strap Chain Sandal

13. ‘Skylar’ Strappy Sandals, $149

Skylar Strappy Sandals


Skylar Strappy Sandals

14. ‘Melissa’ Gladiator Boot, $189

Melissa Gladiator Boot

15. ‘Maya’ Caged Cork Wedges, $109

Maya Caged Cork Wedges

16. ‘Zuma’ Jeweled Clutch, $79 and ‘Zuma’ Jewel Cluster Sandals, $59

Zuma Jewel Cluster Sandals

17. ‘Yudelka’ Zipper Sandals, $149

Yudelka Zipper Sandals

18. ‘Aldea’ Knotted Open Booties, $179

Aldea Knotted Open Booties

19. ‘Kellen’ Sandals, $149

Kellen Sandals

20. ‘Aliyah’ Buckle Shooties, $189

Aliyah Buckle Shooties
Which style is your favorite? Visit our Bebe page for much more!

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