Nicolas Cage Pillows and Pillow Covers Are Worst Gift Ideas Ever

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From buying a haunted house in the hope of gaining inspiration to write a horror novel, eating living cockroaches for the 1989 movie Vampire’s Kiss, multiple short marriages, and being the center of countless memes across the internet, Nicolas Cage has been a stand-out character on and off the screen. The “You Don’t Say?” meme has become as famous as he has.

And his crazy expressive face has adorned some excellent pillowcases. Yes, you heard that right, pillowcases. You don’t need to buy a Ghost Rider cut-out or have a National Treasure poster on your wall because fans can now have an awesome pillow on their couch with his smirking grin.

These pillowcases are often given as gag gifts or purchased by especially devoted fans. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites that you can buy on Amazon.

1. The Mermaid Pillow

You either love Nicolas Cage or hate him, and the sequined work of art with the mermaid pillow is the perfect gift. The mermaid pillow has become very popular for gag gifts, but the Nicolas Cage sequin pillowcase takes the cake with a slightly creepy image of Cage’s face.

A sequin pillow cover with Nicolas Cage's face designed with a different patternA sequin pillow cover with Nicolas Cage’s face designed with a different pattern

“Got this for my best friend (in gold) and my brother-in-law (in red) for Christmas. The mixed looks of awe and horror when they opened their gifts was the greatest Christmas gift I could have gotten. Not only is my brother-in-law taking this pillow back to his dorm to show the ladies he has great taste in pillows, but my best friend’s niece spent an entire night snuggled up to Nic Cage’s smiling face, or as she likes to call it creepy pillow man.”

The pillow is covered in sequins which hide Cage’s visage until you give the sequins a stroke. People love that there is a surprise behind the sequins. There are a few sellers of similar products in multiple colors. But this one, in particular, has been raved about on Amazon.

Cage tends to invoke visceral reactions from people, making this a great gag gift. This sequined monstrosity/masterpiece of a pillow is 16 by 16 inches. This product is only a pillowcase; you will have to buy an inner for it.

2 Nicolas Cage in a Banana

This is the pillow you didn’t know you needed. The image of a reclining Nicolas Cage, encased in a banana, with a purple backdrop with wolves is the pillow case that brings many Cage fans joy.

The Nicolas Cage banana pillow is soft and looks amazingThe Nicolas Cage banana pillow is soft and looks amazing

A buyer had this to say: “What happens when your wife drinks a healthy amount of wine and then watches John Oliver? Well, sometimes what happens is you end up with a Nick Cage in a banana pillow. And it’s glorious. The material is soft; the print is decent”.

The Nicholas Cage banana vaporwave velvet throw pillow cover is $14.96 on Amazon and is 18×18 inches.

3 The Con Air Pillow

This Nicolas Cage pillow features an image of Cage from Con Air, a 1997 film that he starred in. The image is part of a gif taken from the movie where his character steps off of a prisoner transport bus into the sunshine.

The gif is meant to convey an image of satisfaction. This pillow cover also features some bedazzling black sequins with the same mermaid effect that has become so popular on gag gift pillows.

This one side printed Nicolas Cage face sequin pillowcase is an awful giftThis one side printed Nicolas Cage face sequin pillowcase is an awful gift

This particular pillowcase seems to be best used as a weird gift, as this review says: “I bought this pillowcase and some scented candles for a white elephant party. It was the most traded gift. Good times.”

A white elephant party, or Dirty Santa, is a gift-giving game where impractical and amusing gifts are exchanged during festivities. The Nicolas Cage sequined pillow is 16×16 inches and available on Amazon.

4 Picolas Cage

Across the internet, there are many pictures of inanimate objects with an image of Cage’s expressive face on them. And the pickle pillowcase, or Picolas Cage, is one of those.

Although maybe not as popular as some of the more in vogue sequined pillows, a reviewer of the Picolas Cage pillow had this to say: “When I slumber upon this relic of God, I experience the most vivid dreams, one of which I was eating a very good grilled cheese, I cannot describe the taste of the grilled cheese, five stars, would buy again.”

The plush fabric Picolas Cage pillowcase is soft and comfortableThe plush fabric Picolas Cage pillowcase is soft and comfortable

Cage’s delightful obscurity seems to rub off on his fans. The pillow is 18×18 inches and can be found on Amazon.

A Nicolas Cage pillow is the gift that keeps on giving, and these are just a few of the many weird and wonderful ones available. You can find some amazing Nicolas Cage pillows online, both at Amazon and Etsy.

Whether you are a hater or a lover of the actor, someone will get a kick out of seeing a Nicolas Cage pillow. Place it in a living room or office space for maximum effect.