Cowabunga! Five Pizza Print Tees to Tease Your Fashion Palate

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Move over, cat prints. Not only is pizza taking over the palates of people all across the globe, but it is also creating a buzz in the world of clothing – the pizza print has come into fashion town and is taking over fashion bloggers’ pages.

Don’t believe us? Let Beyoncé’s scrumptious look tell you otherwise.

Here are five mouth-watering looks to get you started on the trend:

1. Do a pepperoni print-on-print

Like Alli-Liis of Alli-Liis Vandel, crank up the fun by pairing spotted leggings with your pepperoni-splattered oversized tee.

Alli-Liis wearing a pepperoni-splattered oversized teeAlli-Liis wearing a pepperoni-splattered oversized tee

To inject a little formality into the ensemble, choose a paneled or structured jacket to wear over your tee. Finish the look with ankle boots or pumps.

Shop her look: Pizza Shirt Pepperoni Pizza Shirt, $39.99 / Jean Paul Gaultier Vintage Color Block Jacket, $416.97 / Motel Printed Legging in Black and White Polka Dot, £19) / Miista Cecilia Black Leather Cut Out Buckle Ankle Boots, £175

Pizza Inspired Fashion Look

2. Have a slice of Tokyo

To make the look more Tokyo underground fashion friendly, pair a pizza print cropped top with black denim hot pants like Dominique of ‘Style2Bones’. Her fashion blog is unfortunately no longer available online.

Dominique wearing a pizza print cropped top with black denim hot pantsDominique wearing a pizza print cropped top with black denim hot pants

Polish off the look with knee-high socks worn with a pair of flatform lace-up boots. Beanie and purple ombré hair are optional but highly recommended.

Shop her look: Shop Jeen Pizza Slut Crop Top, $45 / Topshop Moto Ripped Denim Hotpants, £32 / Kate Spade New York Della 55mm Sunglasses, $138 / Petals and Peacocks Barf Beanie, $30/ Swear Nena 2 Boot, $234.68

Pizza T-Shirt Outfit

3. Crave those cheesy fringes

The fun thing about a fringed, tie-dyed top is that you don’t really need any accessories to make the look interesting (except maybe for a lone pizza slice plastered on it).

Natalie wearing a fringed, tie-dyed topNatalie wearing a fringed, tie-dyed top

Like Natalie of ‘This Is Natalie’, wear this crop top with a pair of denim shorts and comfortable slipper flats, and you’ve got yourself a pizza perfect outfit. Unfortunately, her fashion blog is no longer available online.

Shop her look: Gypsy Sale Forever Pizza, $34.99 / Topshop Moto High Waisted Denim Shorts, £28 / Toms Grosgrain Slip-On in Navy, $78

Pizza-Inspired Outfit

4. Have some cold pizza

Since it’s still freezing in a lot of areas across the globe, we’ve dug up a pizza print sweater from Whitney of The Whitney Paige that’s toasty enough for you to wear out.

Whitney rocking a pizza print sweaterWhitney rocking a pizza print sweater

Style this pizza sweater with black jeans and a pair of burgundy patent boots such as these Doc Martens. Echo the pop of color with a bright red lip.

Shop her look: Forever 21 Pizza Party Sweatshirt, CAD $23.80 / Topshop Daphine Ripped Jeans by Jovonnista, £49 / Dr. Martens Pascal Boot, $162.00


5. Layer on the toppings

Another way to fight off the cold with these pizza crop tops is to layer them with collared shirts. For a more couture feel to your laid-back ensemble, choose an origami skirt to go with your tops.

Allison wearing a pizza top with an origami skirtAllison wearing a pizza top with an origami skirt

Like Allison of ‘Broke Hell’, match them with stockings and a pair of lace-up suede flats. You can opt to go for a beanie if you still prefer a more casual and youthful look. Her wonderful fashion blog is unfortunately no longer available online.

Shop her look: Sheinside Blue Short Sleeve Crop T-Shirt, $31.46 / MIH Jeans The Sleeveless Chambray Shirt, £123.42 / River Island Cream Smart Skort, $56 / Topshop Jonathan Aston Shine Tights, £14 / Mondo Creeper in Black, $75

Fashionable pizza ensemble

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