The Glittering Poetic Licence ‘Good To Be Bad’ Platform Sandals

Poetic Licence is a shoe label that’s unabashedly girly — think glitter, florals, ruffles and ribbons often ALL found together on one shoe. So when I came across this Poetic Licence shoe named ‘Good to Be Bad’, I thought I’d finally see some toughness, fierceness and edginess from them.

I guess Poetic Licence and I just have different ways of interpreting “Good to Be Bad” because here’s what the shoe looks like:

Poetic Licence Good To Be Bad platform sandals in grey, $51.96 – $79.00

Smooth satin upper, curled cutouts, spotted metallic purple print and a floral jewel. If I bought these shoes, these would be the girliest things in it! But considering that my closet is predominantly black, I guess being girly is easy. So I’d like to ask those of you who have a feminine fashion sense: would the Poetic Licence Good To Be Bad platform sandals stand out as a girly shoe in your closet or would it just blend in with everything else in it?

If the purple is too much even for those of you who have a girly style, these ‘Good To Be Bad’ sandals also come in this orange/natural color:

Poetic Licence Good To Be Bad platform sandals in natural, $51.96 – $79.00

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