Posh Knocks Off Andreia Chaves’ $4000 Invisible Shoes for $86

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I’m not sure how to feel about this knock off. I know that sounds strange especially coming just right after a look-for-less post but I think this is one of those times when the “knockoff-er” crosses the line.

The “knockoff-ee” is Brazilian designer Andreia Chaves’s invisible shoe, a mirrored bootie that started out as a mere design concept in 2010 but then was brought to life and within the reach of (loaded) buying customers.

Andreia Chaves Invisible Shoes, $3,995.95

Andreia Chaves Invisible Shoes

The “knockoff-er” is shoe brand Posh with their ‘Fairest’ bootie, a shoe that they can claim NOT to be a copy of the invisible shoes but all you really need are your eyes to see how this was inspired by it:

Posh Fairest Booties, $86.00

Posh Fairest Booties

Posh Fairest Booties

Y’all know we appreciate a good look-for-less here on YNS but that is if they’re actually good. The invisible shoes are such an original, one-of-a-kind concept that even Andreia Chaves herself only wants to make them as a custom made-to-order style.

Posh tried to make that style more accessible to everyone but unfortunately, they only have this cheesy wedge bootie plastered with cut-up reflective patches to offer instead.

Knockoffs, imitations, copies — they’re everywhere in fashion and sometimes, the fact that a footwear design has a knockoff is a sign that it is or going to be a huge trend.

Do you think Posh is flattering Andreia Chaves with their imitation or are they just sponging off from her success by ripping off her design?

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