Would You Wear Nina Ricci’s $1,095 Potato-Sack Boots?

I’m pretty sure I’m just looking at a potato-sack-like shoe here, but they could be something else to someone else out there.

Potato-Sack Nina Ricci Wool Flannel Ankle Boots at Saks Fifth Avenue

Potato-Sack Nina Ricci Wool Flannel Ankle Boots

Whatever they are to you, nothing’s going to change the fact that they’re still a pair of very expensive somethings.

So would you wear these $1,095 ankle boots from Nina Ricci?

Nina Ricci creative director Peter Copping came up with this design for the label’s Spring 2010 RTW collection last year. They were peep toe and made of prettier fabric like lace and leather then:

Nina Ricci Spring 2010 RTW shoesNina Ricci Spring 2010 RTW shoes

Apparently the design proved to be such a hit that they decided to come up with the fall 2010 version above. But somber grey wool flannel without the bows, lace insets, and even the ribbon at the back of the heel? I guess I should be thankful that they didn’t make it out of burlap.

Vivienne Westwood also had the same idea with her Anglophilia Sack Boots from 2002, but you know, those shoes are inside a glass case displayed in a museum. These Nina Ricci Wool Flannel Ankle Boots on the other hand, are currently being sold which means they think someone should be wearing them.

Nina Ricci Wool Flannel Ankle Boots vs. disposable hospital shoe coversNina Ricci Wool Flannel Ankle Boots vs. disposable hospital shoe covers

Is that someone you? If you think you’re meant to wear the latest in hospital wear fashion, these Nina Ricci sack boots can be bought coincidentally at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Credit: Don Ashby & Olivier Claisse / Faurotforensics

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  1. It looks comfortable, but the question is how many times can you wear this. I don’t think it can reason out with its price tag.

  2. Alicia Jackson-Ramirez says:

    Just ugh! They couldn’t give me those shoes for free. It’s funny how they compared them to the little paper-like over shoes…they look just them with a small heel lol! They need to go back to the drawing board on that one it was an epic fail!!!

  3. muse madness says:

    the other options are waaayyyyyy cuter. she could’ve put a lace overlay on the part where the boots are covering the foot to the vamp at the very least. and maybe a little baby doll bow at the back wouldn’t go astray then these could pull the cute factor as well. as they are there’s a lot to be desired.

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