Here’s the Shoe of Your Nightmares

Now that it’s Friday the 13th, we thought today would be the perfect day to show you these shoes.

Ladies, meet the shoe of your nightmares. Stripper shoes with spikes, studs, tongues and TEETH:

Scott Hove’s “Self Objectification Strategy” – Modified stripper shoes and mixed media

Don’t forget the switchblade at the back of the heel which pretty much guarantees that you’ll be denied entry at every proper establishment if you’re wearing these:

Now that we think of it, actually, that makes these scary monster shoes badass. Impractical but badass!

You might have noticed that they’re on top of a cake — that’s because these shoes are part of artist’s Scott Hove’s “My Own Private Apocalypse” sculpture exhibition that has a “Cakeland” theme. He thickens acrylic paint until it looks like icing and uses actual cake decorating tools to create his devilishly decadent pieces. The end result as you can see looks good enough to eat —  not unless, of course, it eats you first.

To answer what’s on everybody’s minds, the shoes themselves are real. The entire sculpture with the cake is $12,000 but it does on say on the website of the gallery at which Scott Hove’s work is displayed that “custom shoes are available”.

To us, that means that you can order just the shoes if you want. Contact La Luz de Jesus Gallery for your monster shoe inquiries. Also check out more of Scott Hove’s work at M S Hove.

Credit: Scott Hove, La Luz de Jesus Gallery

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