House of Borgezie Creates Even More Expensive Diamond-Encrusted Stilettos

It looks like a pair or two of House of Borgezie’s $230,000 “Eternal Borgezie” diamond stilettos have finally been sold. The fine jewelry company has built up the capital to follow up their most expensive shoes with an even more expensive, more blinged out, and more extravagant creation.

Ladies, feast your eyes on the tiara-inspired “Princess Constellation” stilettos. What they lack in foundation and structure, they more than make up for in diamonds. A total of 1,310 sparklers adorn the wafer-thin shoes, and with a total gem weight of 65.50 carats, the “Princess Constellation” leaps past the previous diamond stilettos’ 30 carats.

As expected, the bank account damage is also bigger: the new heels are priced nearly 50 percent more expensive at a whopping $337,000.

Borgezie Princess Diamond Constellation StilettosHouse of Borgezie’s new “world’s most expensive shoes”, the “Princess Constellation” stilettos

Borgezie Princess Diamond Constellation Stilettos 1Removable and replaceable pads at the soles and heel tips guarantee that the heels will last forever

The astronomical price comes with B0rgezie’s 1,000 years guarantee, as these shoes are meant to be treated as treasures that you pass on from generation to generation. If you do, however, choose to wear them, the red rubber padding at the soles and heel tips can be removed and replaced once they show signs of wear and tear.

Not that we would ever wear them, though, if we ever luck in on getting a pair. If Borgezie’s models won’t even stand in them while modeling, how can we be confident about wearing them ourselves?

Models in Borgezie stilettos 2

Borgezie Princess Diamond Constellation Stilettos 2

Borgezie Princess Constellation Stilettos modelA brunette beauty modeling the House of Borgezie’s “Princess Constellation” stilettos

If you’re a hardcore shoe lover who’s got stacks of cash lying around, consider dropping a few on Borgezie’s “Princess Constellation” stilettos. You can order a pair in platinum or 18k gold. Call +44(0)1212363286 or +44(0)7929242255, or email for more info.


Credit: House of Borgezie

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