Fill In the Blank: The Butt-and-Legs Heels of Pleaser’s “Vixen” Platforms Are _____

First, the good news: those of you who loved Greek designer Dukas Chatzidoukas’ doll heels will love that you can get the look for less with replicas from Pleaser USA.

For the bad news, well, they’re from Pleaser USA. So, your choice of shoes featuring their lookalike doll heels is limited to styles that look only a little stripper-ish to very stripper-ish.

Pleaser Vixen PlatformsPleaser “Vixen” Platforms in Black Patent, $58.95 to $79.99


Pleaser Vixen Platforms 1


Pleaser Vixen Platforms 3Pleaser “Vixen” Platforms in Clear, $63.95

But that’s subjective, and even if shoes look like they came straight out of a streetwalker’s closet, we know there are women out there who can rock them like whoa.

Think you’re one of those women who can wear the heck out of these Pleaser “Vixen” platforms? Make yourself known in the comments! If not, we still want to know what you think of these shoes by completing this sentence: “These butt-and-leg-heeled Pleaser platforms are _____.”

Check out all styles of these Pleaser Vixen platforms at Amazon.

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