So Chinese Laundry Now Has Heel-Less Shoes… and They Look Pretty Good

Every time we’ve featured heel-less shoes here on our blog, they’ve been either really expensive, way out-there or by Jeffrey Campbell. So even though you’ve already seen this style so many times, this could be new to you: Chinese Laundry now has their own version of the heel-less shoe and you know what? It actually looks pretty good!

So here it is, finally, the shoe we’ve been waiting for to drop ever since they posted a teaser photo of it on their Facebook page:

Chinese Laundry ‘Controversy’ Heel-Less T-Strap Sandal, $29.95 – $59.99 at Amazon

These are obviously a knockoff of the Giuseppe Zanotti no-heel t-strap sandals that plenty of celebrities have already been spotted wearing.

At under $100, the Chinese Laundry ‘Controversy’ is THE shoe to get if you want to experiment with the heel-less style. If you don’t want such a blatant GZ knockoff, Chinese Laundry also has this heel-less mesh, suede and patent leather bootie called ‘Cover Up’:

Chinese Laundry ‘Cover Up’ Heel-Less Open Toe Bootie, $124.99 at Amazon

Unlike Jeffrey Campbell’s heel-less shoes, Chinese Laundry has given their heel-less shoes the super-curved slim wedge making them look really sexy despite their shock appeal:

Can’t wait ’til they release the other colors of these shoes.

You can shop for the Chinese Laundry ‘Controversy’ sandal and ‘Cover Up’ bootie at Amazon.

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