Trust Us, You’ve Never Seen Anything Like These Kobi Levi Shoes Part 2/2

Kobi Levi reassures people that his shoes, fantastical as they are, really and truly are 100% wearable.

“They’re always real shoes,” Levi says in his interview with CNN, “It’s never supposed to be just a toy.”

He adds: “I make each pair one by one, and they’re strong; technically, it can function like any other high-heeled shoe. It just looks kind of more crazy than usual so people sometimes cannot believe that it is wearable.”

He’s right, it really is hard to believe that his shoes really are wearable just by looking at them. There is one surefire way to find out though and that’s by trying the shoes out for yourself.

Kobi Levi is currently accepting custom orders for a selected few of his out-of-this-world shoe styles. Email to place an order, buy his shoes or simply to get more details.

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Inspired by the human body

Tongue shoe, 2005

Blow shoe, 2010 (Okay, so this one is technically inspired by a blow-up doll which is modeled after a human body anyway so it still fits)

Inspired by iconic images

Blond Ambition shoe, 2011

Olive Oyl shoe, 2011

Inspired by animals

Dog shoe, 2010

Miao shoe, 2010

Toucan shoe, 2011

Mallard Duck shoe, 2011

Swan shoe, 2011

Inspired by food

Banana Slip-On shoe, 2010

Coffee Porcelain Version shoe, 2011

Coffee Diner Version shoe, 2011

Credit: Kobi Levi

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