Kris Jenner Gets a Kiss From Caitlyn Jenner and Another From Boyfriend Corey in Givenchy Boots

Even if a lot of people don’t like Kris Jenner, most of us will never know how hard it is for a husband to leave your side, then suddenly want to become your best friend and go on shopping and salon trips together. With Caitlyn Jenner’s highly publicized coming out as a transgender, we’ve been anticipating a very awkward meeting between Cait and Kris Jenner. And it finally happened.

Despite the inevitable happening, Kris was spotted holding up pretty well on the red carpet of the Brent Shapiro Foundation’s 10th Annual Summer Spectacular. In tow was boyfriend Corey Gamble, who even gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Kris Jenner Givenchy Brent Shapiro 1

Kris Jenner Givenchy Brent Shapiro 2

It wasn’t only Corey who gave her a kiss on the cheek this week, however. After an awkward first meeting with her former husband, Kris and Cait kissed and made up after some tears and a painful yet open-hearted exchange of words. And when we say kissed, we mean Cait gave Kris a peck on the cheek as the two ended their meeting with a selfie.

Kris wore an all-black ensemble on the red carpet, taking inspiration from her daughter Kim Kardashian with her recent thigh-high boots look.

Kris Jenner Givenchy Brent Shapiro 3

The momager wore a black top and tights underneath a sheer lace plunging dress and paired them with the Givenchy “Narlia” boots in black.

Kris Jenner Givenchy Brent Shapiro 4

Kris Jenner Givenchy Brent Shapiro 5Kris Jenner and boyfriend Corey Gamble at the Brent Shapiro Foundation’s 10th Annual Summer Spectacular in Beverly Hills on September 12, 2015

Kris Jenner gets a kiss from Caitlyn Jenner on the season finale of I Am Cait

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Givenchy NarliaGivenchy “Narlia” Black Leather Thigh Boots, £1,795

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