The First Pair of Shoes Christian Louboutin Would Save in a Fire

Our Louboutin shoe features here on Your Next Shoes almost always become hot posts. So there’s little doubt in our minds that if YNS readers had shoe closets full of designer shoes and — god forbid — it caught on fire, the first pair many of you would try to save would be Louboutins.

But have you ever wondered if Christian Louboutin’s own shoe collection ever caught on fire, what one pair of his very many precious Louboutin shoes would he save first?

Wonder no more as WWD chatted with Christian Louboutin himself and asked this question for us. Here’s Monsieur Louboutin’s answer which endeared this world-renowed Parisian cobbler to us even more:

“Probably I would go for more of an emotional one, which is a bit like the rosebud to “Citizen Kane”; I would go for the Love shoe, which was my first shoe and was really the birth of my company.”

Christian Louboutin Love flat shoes

The shoe he’s referring to is this flat (yes, it’s a flat!) that spells “L-O-V-E” across the toes. Louboutin designed this shoe with Princess Diana in mind. He saw a picture of her at an official function looking down on her feet and also looking very sad. He thought, “Imagine if, when she was looking at her shoes, they made her smile instead?”.

Then the Love flat, the shoe that started it all, was born. Louboutin describes these shoes as “like two lovebirds, one close to the other, spelling out the word ‘love.’… Only if you put the two shoes together, they are complete. I only sold those shoes in the first season and they were a huge success.”

More pictures of the now iconic Love flat below.

What one pair of shoes would you save from your own shoe collection if it were to burn down, YNS readers?

Christian Louboutin reissued these Love flats as part of his 20th Anniversary Collection. They’re $1,595.00 a pair at Neiman Marcus:

Christian Louboutin Love flat shoes

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