10 Popular Healing Crystal Gemstones and Their Powers

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Do you believe in the power of crystals? Practitioners of crystal healing believe in the healing qualities of 10 popular healing gemstones.

“I’m a big believer in the power of crystals,” Miranda Kerr said when promoting her skincare line KORA Organics. “I’ve been using them for a long time, and that’s when you really begin to understand their energy and their power.”

“I always carry a rose quartz in my bag. I also have a rose quartz wand—it’s like a little massage wand that I hold when I’m meditating—and I sleep with one under my pillow,” she added. “It’s such a gentle stone that can really help heal and protect your heart.”

1. Amethyst (peace, clairvoyance, sobriety)

This purple stone is quite popular among yogis and psychics. It is said to give spiritual perspective, amplify intuition, and open spiritual channels.

People also use it as an aid in the face of addiction or emotional trauma as it brings peace to the wearer.

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2. Citrine (success, money, inspiration)

If you need a boost in profit, you may want to stock up on these yellow gemstones. Citrine attracts prosperity and growth and provides creative inspiration.

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3. Emerald (love, intuition, abundance)

This gorgeous green stone is favored not just for its brilliance but also for its many powerful attributes.

It is connected to prosperity, abundance, and money. Additionally, emerald stones can improve your memory and intuition.

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4. Garnet (good health, passion, protection)

The most popular garnet stone style comes in red, which can look very similar to a ruby but is a lot less expensive. Red garnets are associated with sparking your inner passion and are believed to be an aphrodisiac, too.

Garnets can also cleanse away the negative energy of the wearer and improve physical wellness and strength.

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5. Jade (balance, luck, health)

The jade stone comes in several colors, including lavender, white, red, and black, but the green ones are the most popular.

The green hue has been associated with its reputation as a lucky charm. It is also said to improve health and give balance.

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6. Moonstone (calm, femininity, inner perspective)

Named after the moon, this white gemstone is popular among women because of its femininity. It helps calm your nerves down and enhances your feminine energy.

Women can also use moonstone gems as protection during pregnancy and childbirth.

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7. Pearl (calm, honesty, femininity)

Pearls are a classic accessory that has been said to bring calmness, encourage honesty, and increase femininity.

These pure stones help you get in touch with your inner goddess and will surely look good with virtually anything you wear.

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8. Ruby (energy, courage, love)

Rubies, also known as red sapphires, are one of the most popular precious stones because of their beautiful red hue.

Ruby is considered a very powerful stone as it is directly connected to your body’s energy flow. Aside from the energy boost, many use this stone to pursue love.

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9. Topaz (balance, health, calm, honesty)

The topaz stone comes in several colors, but the blue topaz is the most beautiful.

This gemstone can improve your overall health and promote serenity or calmness. If you are a little bit burned out and want to relieve some of the tension, carry around a topaz with you.

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10. Turquoise (healing, love, appreciation for nature)

With a close connection with the earth, turquoise is typically the choice accessory of bohemian lovers.

Its gorgeous blue-green tint is eye-catching, which is partly the reason why it is so trendy. The turquoise stone promotes love and healing and is believed to have the power to reconnect the wearer with nature.

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