Amy Nelson’s Fashion Journey: From Dreamy Bohemian Looks to Nature-Inspired Outfits

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We came across Amy Nelson’s blog Amy Nelson while browsing through Chictopia.

It’s hard not to notice the fashion blogger, and it’s hard not to get a little hooked on her site either, especially when what greets you is page after page after page of poetry paired with looks that are an eclectic mix of boho, sweet, with a whole lot of dreaminess to it:

Amy Nelson is a Canadian old-time banjoist and songwriterAmy Nelson is a Canadian old-time banjoist and songwriter

You basically end up inspired and more than a little curious. And so we thought, why not ask what fuels this soul’s imagination, the writing, and that flair for fashion? Here’s our quick Q&A with Amy. We hope that reading about her will inspire you as well:

Your Next Dress: Can you tell us a little about your blog and its focus (when it started and your main fashion focus).

Amy: My blog is a mix & mingle between a diary, poetry book, and a photographic journal. I started my blog in November 2009, two years ago.

The focus of my blog is to invent, imagine, and dream. All of my dreaming is expressed through outfits, and creative writing. I believe fashion is more than the cloth, or the tag. Fashion is my way of living life as a fairytale and expressing my imagination.

Your Next Dress: We noticed that you like wearing dresses. Is there any particular reason why? And what do you usually look for when you shop for a dress?

Amy: Dresses are sprinkled with femininity and magic. On my insides, I am boyish and clumsy. Whenever I wear dresses, I feel delicate and graceful. Every time I go shopping, I visit the dresses section first. My eyes are drawn to floral, pastel hues and earthy tones. Finding a unique dress is the best feeling!

Your Next Dress: Do you have a favorite dress right now? What is it, and where did you get it? Would you have a picture of it on your site?

Amy: My favorite dress is my Mother’s graduation dress. It’s a milk-white gown and the soft cotton drapes to the floor. My mum wore the dress when she was my age, purchased for $50 thirty years ago! Here I am wearing it:

Amy Nelson in her favorite dress (her mother's graduation dress from the '70s)Amy Nelson in her favorite dress (her mother’s graduation dress from the ’70s)

Your Next Dress: What dress would you like to buy next and where?

Amy: I would love to buy a long-sleeved maxi dress. They are bohemian and elegant. I love this Free People dress:

Funktional Pieced Lace Maxi DressFunktional Pieced Lace Maxi Dress, $268

Your Next Dress: What or who inspires your style and how you dress? What inspires your poetry?

Amy: Swaying trees, falling leaves, fluffy white clouds, smiling sunbeams. Nature inspires most of my art.

When I think of outside and things that belong outside, I think of beautiful colors and naturalness. I like to appear natural as if I belong to the meadow or the forest.

Whenever I watch windows or visit woodlands, I feel drunk on creativity. This creativity inspires my poetry and how I dress.