Alexander McQueen’s Bee-Motif Clutches Will Make You Swoon

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Alexander McQueen is one of my favorite brands. Whether dresses, shoes, or purses, his creations never fail to make me swoon. So, when I spotted a few exquisite Alexander McQueen purses at Neiman Marcus, I thought I must share them with you.

These purses are currently available for pre-order and are expected to arrive on April 22. While we’re waiting, let’s have a detailed look at five of these jaw-dropping exquisitely designed purses.

1. Bees Long Knuckle Box Clutch Bag, $4,495

Who wouldn’t want a knuckle clutch? It’s one of Alexander McQueen’s most popular styles. As part of the spring 2013 collection’s bee motif, this silk satin clutch is studded with shimmery golden embroidered bees made of beads. It also features the brand’s signature hinged brass-knuckle clasp with skull, floral, and crystal ornaments.

You could use this to punctuate a black/gold ensemble.

Alexander McQueen Bees Long Knuckle Box Clutch Bag

Alexander McQueen Bees Long Knuckle Box Clutch Bag

2. Long Honeycomb-Pattern Knuckle Box Clutch, $2,485

Here’s another long knuckle box clutch. It features a honeycomb pattern in sleek patent leather over a nude fabric. Like the first clutch above, this also has the signature hinged brass-knuckle clasp.

This will surely glamorize a simple LBD or even an edgy monotone suit.

Alexander McQueen Long Honeycomb-Pattern Knuckle Box Clutch

Alexander McQueen Long Honeycomb-Pattern Knuckle Box Clutch

3. Bee Punk Skull Studded Clutch Bag, $1,995

Here’s a clutch in the traditional size and shape of most Alexander McQueen’s clutches. However, although this one’s a classic in terms of silhouette, its design is new and unique.

This purse is made of smooth metallic gold leather, which features gold and gunmetal studs that form a honeycomb pattern. It doesn’t have the knuckle clasp, but it features the other popular clasp design: the hinged skull clasp with crystals and giant bees at the sides to match the theme. How do you like that?

You can carry this purse with any of your dresses, perhaps metallic or the classic LBD. But if you carry it with a black outfit, make sure that it will match your shoes or other accessories.

Alexander McQueen Bee Punk Skull Studded Clutch Bag

Alexander McQueen Bee Punk Skull Studded Clutch Bag

4. De Manta Honeycomb Clutch Bag, $525

This next clutch comes in a silhouette similar to Alexander McQueen’s other manta ray-inspired bags and clutches. The hexagonal shape of this napa leather clutch interestingly goes well with the honeycomb print. It also features a two-way zip top with snap-over front corners. How do you like the combination of bees and manta rays?

Alexander McQueen De-Manta Honeycomb Clutch Bag

5. Raso Seta Knuckle Box Clutch Bag, $5,825

The last (but definitely not the least) of the bee-themed clutches is this “Raso Seta” knuckle box clutch. This is undoubtedly one of the brand’s intricate, ultra-glamorous, and unique designs. You’ll probably be the queen bee of whatever occasion you attend when you slide your fingers into this daring clutch bag.

It carries the honeycomb pattern design, but it isn’t very obvious due to the busyness of the floral embroideries and gold beading. Aside from these striking features, the Raso Seta also has a detailed hinged brass-knuckle clasp topped with clustered floral and crystal bees.

Just look at the craftsmanship and creativity here; I can say it’s worth its $5,825 price tag. However, I don’t think many could carry this well (figuratively).

Alexander McQueen Raso Seta Knuckle Box Clutch Bag

Alexander McQueen Raso Seta Knuckle Box Clutch Bag

Have you decided which of these will be your next purse?