Chrissie Morris’ Black-and-White Shoes for Dancing and Parties

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We love color here at Your Next Shoes, but we love it better when they stay simple but are just as gorgeous.

Today, we’re crushing on Chrissie Morris’ modern art deco black and ivory sandals for their sleek and classic design that is sure to surpass trends.

Black and Ivory Sandals, $935

Chrissie Morris - Black and Ivory Sandals

The open-toe sandals are made of cream-colored stingray and soft leather accented by metal-tipped screw-head studs. It’s a great modern pair to wear for every day — to lunch meetings, to the office, and even to dinner dates.

Chrissie Morris - Black and Ivory Sandals Chrissie Morris - Black and Ivory Sandals

The best thing about these shoes is that there are others like them. Check out the following black-and-white designs that make easy wardrobe matches:

Sunburst Black Net Heels, $795

Chrissie Morris - Sunburst Black Net Heels

Here, sheer mesh meets beige art deco straps for an exciting take on platform sandals. Great shoes for a night of dancing!

La Roisin Snakeskin Sandals, $1,105

Chrissie Morris - La Roisin Snakeskin Sandals

Angular snakeskin and smooth leather form a Chrysler building-type effect on the above classy sandals.

Metropolis Wedge Heels, $895

Chrissie Morris - Metropolis Wedge Heels

Don’t let a busy schedule get in the way of style. These urban-savvy wedges boast a rich mix of materials to stylize even the plainest outfits.

Madelaine Pumps, $699

Chrissie Morris - Madelaine Pumps

With the above, classic pumps get a makeover with the slightest hint of color — some coral and a sunny dash of yellow underneath. True understated elegance.