Book Clutch Handbags Inspired by Popular Children’s Books

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We have Olympia Le-Tan to thank for when it comes to the existence of book clutches.

These quirky alternatives to run-of-the-mill party handbags and clutches have been widely embraced by the fashion-loving community because of their unique and statement-making vibe.

It’s just the perfect accessory to express your love for books so if you are both a style maven and a bookworm, you definitely have to get your hands on her book clutches at Farfetch.

There are also new designs that will guarantee a rush of nostalgia – book clutches based on children’s books!

1. Olympia Le-Tan Moby Dick Clutch, $2,070

This clutch was inspired by the famous Herman Melville book, Moby Dick. Also known as The Whale, Moby Dick was released in 1851 and has since become a household name for children’s books.

Olympia Le-Tan Moby Dick Clutch

The front of the clutch features a book design made from felt. It is fastened by a gold-tone lock on the side.

2. Olympia Le-Tan Heidi Clutch, $1,473

Heidi was published in 1880 by Johanna Spyri, a Swiss author. The book was so popular that at the turn of the 20th century, numerous animated films and television movies were made based on it.

Olympia Le Tan Heidi Clutch

The clutch cover features a “Heidi” embroidered inscription in front. The design stayed true to the Swiss aesthetic of the book.

3. Olympia Le-Tan Hansel and Gretel Clutch, $1,560

The Brothers Grimm’s Hansel & Gretel is one of the most iconic children’s books to date.

The book has been made into animated films, live-action movies, and theatre productions so many times in the past that any child (and adult!) will instantly recognize the story.

Olympia Le Tan Hansel and Gretel Clutch

The clutch cover illustrates both Hansel & Gretel in what looks like the woods going to the witch’s lair. All the details are carefully embroidered.

4. Olympia Le-Tan Peter and Gretchen Clutch, $1,560

Peter and Gretchen is a classic children’s book written by Viola M. Jones and illustrated by Helen Sewell. It was published in 1935.

Olympia Le Tan Peter and Gretchen Clutch

You’d love the vibrant red cover of this book clutch. It has a red, green, white, and black color scheme that will fit most outfits for Fall and Winter. The front illustration is made from a combination of embroidery and felt.

5. Olympia Le-Tan Rotkappchen Book Clutch, $1,300

Rotkäppchen is an East German variation of the famous fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood.

If you look at it closely, the front of the book clutch features two women, one is wearing a red hat and the other is wearing a grandma’s hat and hiding a tail under her skirt.

Olympia Le Tan Rotkappchen Book Clutch

These book clutches are really worth having for those who have equal love for books and fashion.

They would look great with vintage-inspired ensembles. I’m sure you’ll also find these books wonderful accessories when you are wearing preppy outfits.