Need Coachella Outfit Inspiration? 10 Dresses Under $100 for Music Festival Season

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Springtime is about way more than fresh blooms and warm weather. It’s music festival season, which means you should be stocking your closet full of Coachella-inspired fashion. If you’re planning on joining the festivities — or just want to dress like you are — we’re here to make shopping easier on you.

There are two basic dress styles that are very popular during festival season — the mini and the maxi. Choose frocks with a laid back vibe, and mix elements like fringe, embroidery and lace. To finish the look, load up with layers of accessories that complement your dress.

Kallie Kaiser for FreePeopleKallie Kaiser posing for Free People in the “Everly’ jacket (available at Free People)

Stormi Bree Henley for FreePeopleStormi Bree Henley posing for Free People

We headed to one of our favorite shopping sites and hunted for the prettiest dresses for Coachella season. The picks below are not just spring-friendly, but also wallet-friendly, since all are less than $100.


Glamorous Vintage Floral Mini Dress3Glamorous Vintage Floral Mini Dress, $45 at Shopbop

MINKPINK Lucky You Halter Apron Dress3MINKPINK Lucky You Halter Apron Dress, $89 at Shopbop

English Factory Lace Up Dress3English Factory Lace Up Dress, $70 at Shopbop

English Factory Flare Sleeve Mini Dress3English Factory Flare Sleeve Mini Dress, $58 at Shopbop

WAYF Off Shoulder Dress3WAYF Off Shoulder Dress, $88 at Shopbop


Free People Cabaret Maxi Dress3Free People Cabaret Maxi Dress in Sunrise Combo, $50.40 (before: $168) at Shopbop

Blue Life High Tide Maxi Dress3Blue Life High Tide Maxi Dress, $51.60 (before: $172) at Shopbop

Free People Tie Up Knotted Slip3Free People Tie Up Knotted Slip, $68.60 ($98) at Shopbop

ONE by Pink Stitch Resort Maxi Dress3ONE by Pink Stitch Resort Maxi Dress, $93 at Shopbop

Free People Galaxy Maxi Dress3Free People Galaxy Maxi Dress, $64.80 (before: $108) at Shopbop

Credit: Free People Instagram
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