Hermes Tutti Frutti Bags With Recognizable Fruit Shapes

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In a surprising twist of fate, designers decided to play around with whimsical details for the Hermes Tutti Frutti line of bags.

The Tutti Frutti bags were first introduced in the Hermes Spring 2016 collection, giving us a glimpse at the fun side of the high-fashion label. We are so used to seeing structure and elegance on Hermes purses that these unconventional pieces are a refreshing breath of fresh air.

These bags don’t veer too far away from the brand’s luxurious aesthetics, but the addition of the brightly colored fruit details have us scratching our heads.

The envelope-shaped purses still display the beloved Hermes elegance, but no other visible detail on the bag’s exterior suggests that it’s from Hermes. For $6,000 — do you think this bag is worth it?

Hermes Hermail Tutti-Frutti Citron, $6,400

Hermes Hermail Tutti-Frutti Citron

Hermes Hermail Tutti-Frutti Pomme, $6,250

Hermes Hermail Tutti-Frutti Pomme

Hermes Hermail Tutti-Frutti Wallet, $3,500

Hermes Hermail Tutti-Frutti Wallet

Hermes Hermail Citron 22, $2,950

Hermes Hermail Citron 22

Watch the collection’s ad campaign below.