Tame the Jewelry Mess: 20 Gorgeous Storage Solutions for Bling Addicts!

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Whether they’re outrageous, inexpensive baubles or the precious, sparkling kind from Tiffany’s or Cartier, you must always have a place to put your jewelry. You wouldn’t want to lose another earring or drop another bracelet into oblivion, do you?

To give you some ideas for how to store jewelry, here are 20 jewelry storage items that are as gorgeous as your own accessories.

From country-style perches to glass sculptures, jewelry collectors and average owners alike will love how these storage items are ornamental by themselves.

1. Kikkerland Look Your Arabesque Jewelry Stand, $11.99

Drape your necklace chains, or slip your rings around this metal ballerina frozen in an impressive arabesque. Earrings also have a place in the tiny dish underneath the dancer.

Kikkerland - Look Your Arabesque Jewelry Stand

2. Perch High and Low Jewelry Stand, $29.99

A tiny bird stands guard over this weathered iron jewelry stand, which features outstretched branches that can be adjusted as desired.

Perch High and Low Jewelry Stand

3. Shadow of an Haute Jewelry Stand, $14.99

This black candelabra serves as a chic backdrop for your jewelry collection — a very minimalist dresser accessory.

Shadow of an Haute Jewelry Stand

4. Ready to Branch Out Jewelry Stand, $24.99

Bring the romance of the garden into your jewelry with this orchid-inspired stand featuring a leaf-shaped dish at the bottom.

 Ready to Branch Out Jewelry Stand Ready to Branch Out Jewelry Stand Ready to Branch Out Jewelry Stand Ready to Branch Out Jewelry Stand Ready to Branch Out Jewelry Stand

5. All Wise on Me Mirror, $44.99

For the practical, this storage tray and mirror stand make a great vanity companion. And the perched owl doesn’t seem too bad either.

All Wise on Me Mirror

6. In Gate Demand Jewelry Holder, $24.99

Hang your dangling earrings and favorite necklaces on this wrought iron garden fence, which brings old-world charm to even the most modern of spaces.

In Gate Demand Jewelry Holder

7. Display Case in Point, $54.99

This glass keepsake box makes the perfect display for heirloom jewelry, travel souvenirs, and even cufflinks! Very Downton Abbey.

 Display Case in Point Display Case in Point Display Case in Point Display Case in Point Display Case in Point

8. More in Store Jewelry Box, $29.99

Tiny bamboo boxes fan out to showcase your accessories in this modern but organic setting. Having more than one set is not too shabby either.

More in Store Jewelry Box

9. What a Tree-t Jewelry Stand, $14.99

Watching your jewelry collection glitter from this silhouette-style jewelry stand is probably as good as having a year-round Christmas tree.

What a Tree-t Jewelry Stand


10. Trend a Hand Jewelry Stand, $15.99

This blue glass hand is probably our favorite because it’s good enough on its own, and it makes us want to buy more rings just to see how it would look with all those jewelry piled on like that.

Trend a Hand Jewelry Stand

One of the biggest dilemmas of jewelry addicts is how to store all their beloved baubles properly. Collecting all the beautiful jewelry pieces is very enjoyable, but keeping them organized and tangle-free can be challenging.

It may be time to do a little sprucing up to ensure that your jewelry and accessory collection is protected and always organized.

11. Vintage Boxes

Many jewelry boxes are available in the market, but vintage-styled boxes are among the most popular. These beauties have a certain classic vibe that will never be out of style, regardless of the season.

Gift Boutique Stamped Eyeglass Box in Silver/Turquoise

Gift Boutique Stamped Eyeglass Box in Silver/TurquoiseGift Boutique Stamped Eyeglass Box in Silver/Turquoise, $108

Anthropologie Arca Jewelry BoxAnthropologie Arca Jewelry Box, $22

12. Wall Hooks

A decorative wall hook is a great option if you prefer to keep your jewelry in sight for peace of mind. Unlike jewelry boxes, they proudly display your accessories for everyone to see.

Aside from beating the morning rush because you can easily see everything, wall hooks add a nice touch of chic decor to any room.

Jewelry Storage Wall HooksPhoto by Allison Corona

Anthropologie Marquee Letter HookAnthropologie Marquee Letter Hook, $18

Comfify Cast Iron Birds on BranchComfify Cast Iron Birds on Branch, $19.99

13. Jewelry Dish

A jewelry dish or plate is another great option to display your favorite jewelry pieces. While this is far from a standard jewelry box, it is one of the chicest ways to showcase your bling.

However, it doesn’t have the same storage space as a typical jewelry box. Only a few select pieces can be placed on the plate so as not to look too cluttered.

Anthropologie Painting Practice Ring DishAnthropologie Painting Practice Ring Dish, $48

Kate Spade New York "Raise a Glass" Tidbit Plate SetKate Spade New York “Raise a Glass” Tidbit Plate Set, $30

14. Acrylic Organizers

If you want a clean and modern look, then go for acrylic organizers. These storage units will also show off your jewelry and keep them tangle-free.

The best types of acrylic organizers are made of durable clear acrylic that should last you a long time.

GLAMboxes GLAMring Holder in Clear Acrylic

GLAMboxes GLAMring Holder in Clear Acrylic, $27

15. Faux Antlers

Chic faux antlers made of porcelain or stone are effective organizers that double as decorative pieces you can put anywhere in the house. Aside from antler designs, these things come in other forms, with arms or branches that can hold your trinkets.

Jewelry Storage Faux AntlersPhoto by Heidi Geldhauser

Polpo Trinket DishPolpo Trinket Dish, $22

Remember that part in The Little Mermaid where Ariel was all girl-who-has-everything, swimming around in her cavern full of thingamabobs and whatsits galore?

Well, if you don’t have King Triton for a father and no cavern for a closet, these quirky holders make just as amazing storage options for your ever-growing jewelry collection. From golden wish trees to crystal-topped wooden boxes, your baubles and accessories are sure to sit well, pretty, and organized for years to come.

16. Wish Tree Jewelry Holder, $98

Ah, the solution to countless dangling earrings — hang them on a branch!

This gold-tone brass tree makes a great holder for those drop earrings, slim bangles, and even stubborn necklace chains. It even features a nest at the center that works as a ring cup! Plus, this tree looks precious on a vanity.

Wish Tree Jewelry Holder, Large - Anthropologie

17. Topsy-Turvy Jewelry Box, $298

Stacking different-sized boxes has a vintage charm on its own. This topsy-turvy jewelry box mixes wood, iron, brass, paper, glass, and ceramic to form astounding storage for anything from brooches and jeweled hairpins to even your reading glasses. Very romantic.

Topsy-Turvy Jewelry Box - Anthropologie

18. Eiffel Tower Ring Dish, $12

This white ring dish is the perfect piece on your dressing table for a more rustic approach. The Tour de Eiffel makes a great ring holder, while the rest of the dish is a no-fuss receptacle for the other accessories you use for the day, like earrings, scarf pins, and necklaces. Ooh la la.

Molly Hatch Stoneware Eiffel Tower Ring Dish - Anthropologie

19. Cloche Jewelry Holder, $98

Underneath the mouth-blown glass of this golden tree, any jewelry would look precious, dangling from the golden branches, from your delicate necklaces to charm bracelets and stacked rings. Absolutely lovely.

Cloche Jewelry Holder - Anthropologie

20. Twinkly Trove Jewelry Box, $168 – $198

Sarah Ann Miller recreates the idea of a wooden chest full of elaborate jewelry in a more delicate tone. No two of these teak boxes are alike, and add the amethyst and pyrite crystals adorning the lid, and you have yourself a gorgeous treasure box for your tiny treasures.

Twinkling Trove Jewelry Box - Anthropologie