Lanvin’s Elegant and Sexy Fishnet Ankle Strap Pumps

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When thinking of fishnets in relation to fashion, what first comes to mind will probably be fishnet stockings that are commonly worn with costumes on Halloween. Lanvin, the shoe brand that Kate Middleton was spotted wearing when leaving Buckingham Palace, has introduced a fishnet pump for their summer collection and it’s definitely not a shoe that you’ll catch Kate wearing anytime soon.

While you will probably agree that the concept is original, do you think fishnet style shoes have fashion potential?  In my opinion, the ankle strap is too bulky, but it really helps give the shoe a completely different look.  Dropping the ankle strap might make them more girly, and if you like the fishnet design you’ll probably also appreciate the edginess of the ankle strap. How do you rate this style on a scale from 1-10?

Lanvin Fishnet Ankle Strap Pumps

Lanvin Fishnet Ankle Strap Pumps

Lanvin Fishnet Ankle Strap PumpsLanvin Fishnet Ankle Strap Pumps, $1050