Fashion Fragment Founder Laura Naylor: Garmz, Trends, and Why Comfort Wins

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Let’s take a short break, shall we? We had the wonderful opportunity to interview Laura Naylor, blogger at The Fashion Fragment, and editor of Garmz, a site with a unique platform that can possibly change how the world of fashion retail works.

Blogger Laura Naylor layers in print on print / Outfit details: Primark jumper, H&M dress, Aldo sandalsBlogger Laura Naylor layers in print on print / Outfit details: Primark jumper, H&M dress, Aldo sandals

The Fashion Fragment is a refreshing one to read. Laura’s insights on trends and fashion give you a new perspective, which makes reading her blog extra fun and worthwhile. We were also quite thankful that despite her busy schedule, she took the time to answer our questions…


Can you tell us a little bit more about your blog and the reasons that made you finally decide to start it?

Of course. TFF is an online fashion scrapbook. There is no real intention behind it other than to record fleeting moments and thoughts related to fashion.

Hence the name; it’s just a tiny little fragment of what’s out there and I guess being part of a greater narrative is what drove me to start it. I want to lavish much more attention on my blog in the next 6 months so watch this space.

Aside from blogging and being an editor of Garmz, what other things do you do?

Outside of work? Nothing extraordinary I’m afraid. Although I did just get back from Mexico where I swam with whale sharks! Does that count? Other than that, I love art and literature. Working in this industry I tend to live off a staple diet of fashion magazines.

I also love music and have tickets to see Bon Iver in October, which I’m beyond excited about. There is always something new to do and never enough time.

Speaking of Garmz, we checked the site and totally love the concept; we’d like to ask you the same question you asked your blog readers: do you think it’s the future of fashion? And do you think it should be the future of fashion?

Fashion startup Garmz aims to change how fashion is being produced and distributed from the ground upFashion startup Garmz aims to change how fashion is being produced and distributed from the ground up

Glad you love the concept. I left an established luxury retailer in London to be part of Garmz, so yes, I completely believe that it is the future of fashion retail.

There are so many aspects of the industry that aren’t quite fair and there is a huge chasm between fashion and the possibilities opened up by the web and social media that we hope to fill. A lot more will be revealed in the next month or so but it’s a really exciting time for us and our users.

In relation to your post “The Trend Kiss of Death”, have you found that fashion revelation you were looking for?

Fate works in funny ways. I discovered Garmz after writing that post, so I guess I did find it.

Trends aside, what design elements, silhouettes, etc (whether it pertains to clothing, shoes, or bags) do you think should make a hit this coming fall?

Designers and fashion-lovers alike are becoming much more experimental when it comes to mixing textures and playing with silhouettes and proportions.

I think after a summer bursting with color and print, this fall is all about detail. Whether it’s a sculptural heel, an exaggerated cut, or a mish-mash of textures, these design elements are worthy of being styled with some serious thought and will inevitably outlive trends.

Again, trends aside, what should have made a hit this summer (in your opinion) but failed to do so, or was completely overshadowed or overlooked?

Layering – some of Viktor & Rolf’s SS11 dresses really took this to extremes but great examples were seen at Celine, Acne, and Balenciaga. Sometimes there appeared to be so many layers on display between the waist and the knee that it was difficult to tell where a top ended and where a skirt began.

This only worked well with a minimalist palette but this blurring of separates was slightly rebellious and I liked that. This trend evolved into a more sophisticated way with layering for AW11.

Viktor & Rolf Off Shoulder ShirtdressViktor & Rolf Off Shoulder Shirtdress

Let’s talk more about your personal style, in terms of accessories, are you more into bags, shoes, scarves, or jewelry?

Tough question. If my boyfriend was answering, he would say that our not-so-shared wardrobe has enough evidence to suggest that I’m pretty much into them all. I would probably say shoes.

But I do have a lot of scarves. I’m quite a lazy dresser so a great pair of shoes or a cool scarf always helps.

In terms of clothing, are you more into dresses or skirts?

Definitely dresses, for the same reason as above. I like easy outfits. Anything that simplifies my life is perfect.

In terms of shoes, are you more into boots, sandals, or pumps?

Depends on the time of year. I love ankle boots in the winter or with bare legs in the summer. I have some great ones from Acne. Sandals in the summer and pumps all year round. But I do tend to stick to flats.

When you dress up for the day, what do you usually start with?

In all honesty, living in London with such unpredictable weather means I start by looking out the window. Then I just follow my mood. I have a lot of dresses that are easy to style but if I fancy a change I’ll opt for separates.

The clothes always come first – how comfortable I feel in them – then I move on to shoes and accessories.

Can you define your personal style?

Very tough question. Sometimes my style is very simple and feminine, other times it can be a bit quirky or even tom-boyish.

I have been known to raid the boyfriend’s wardrobe for shirts and tees. I find my style hard to pin down. If the brand Acne was a style then I’d be very Acne.

What pieces in your closet (whether it’s shoes, bags, or clothing) would you consider your favorites? And which can you not live without?

I have a trusty silk dress from Whistles which never lets me down, and recent wardrobe favorites include a cotton dress by Vanessa Bruno and a black T by Alexander Wang dress.

I could never live without my Acne leather jacket (there’s a pic on my blog). I love it.

Laura Naylor shows off her Acne Smith jacketLaura Naylor shows off her Acne Smith jacket

Where do you usually shop? Do you prefer to shop in the stores (try on the items), or do you like shopping online?

In the last year or so I’ve become more of an online shopper, mainly through lack of time. I also feel more in control when shopping online; I can think more clearly about what I really need.

I love Net-A-Porter and recently have been buying from Garmz as it’s so special seeing the clothes grow from sketches. I just bought the Ivy dress and now have my eye on the Emma pullover.

Black Ivy DressBlack Ivy Dress

Let’s go back to accessories. If you were to buy your next bag or pair of shoes, what would it be?

If money were no object then the PS1 black leather satchel by Proenza Schouler would be mine. Some new ankle boots by N.D.C would also go down a treat.

How about scarves? What do you think of them? Are you a collector?

A collector would probably be a good term, as I only ever seem to wear the latest one I’ve bought (currently adore my blue leopard print Lily & Lionel). I have a lot of silk scarves too with interesting prints but I like to look at them rather than wear them!

Ok, we’ve asked too many questions already so this will be our last, as cliché as this may sound, what style advice can you give to our readers?

Wear what you feel comfortable in, what makes you feel amazing, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Fashion is meant to be fun so the world won’t end if we get it wrong sometimes!

I’d rather look back and see some questionable outfits and laugh than think I played it way too safe.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions and we hope to hear from you soon 🙂

You’re very welcome and I’m sure you will 🙂


As you can see, it was a long list of questions but she was kind enough to answer each and every single one!