Moni Moni: The Indie Brand Beloved by Halle Berry

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Here’s Halle Berry toting another piece of arm candy that got me really curious.

Halle Berry leaves The GENESIS Association after attending a charity event in Los Angeles on June 17, 2010Halle Berry leaves The GENESIS Association after attending a charity event in Los Angeles on June 17, 2010 (Credit: WENN)

After digging, I discovered it was a Moni Moni ‘Dolce Vita’ bag. I was surprised that its maker, Moni Moni (designed by Cinzia Moniaci), is a relative newcomer. The Los Angeles-based brand was founded in 2005.

Cinzia Moniaci, originally from Turin, Italy, has a diverse background that intertwines her love for indie rock music with her skills in fashion journalism and a PhD in Communications. Influenced by artists like Smashing Pumpkins and Bjork, Cinzia is a talented songwriter, performer, and fashion journalist. Her multifaceted career led to the creation of Moni Moni handbags in 2005 and her continued involvement in music.

Musically, Cinzia has been the lead vocalist for two bands alongside her guitarist husband, Rico Quevedo. Their first band, “Bionica,” gained recognition in the early 2000s, with their music featured in popular TV shows like “Dawson’s Creek” and “CSI: Miami.” Later, their alt-rock band, The Perfect Nines, released two projects and performed at renowned venues in Los Angeles.

Halle Berry elegantly toting her chic Moni Moni 'Dolce Vita' handbag – a trendsetting accessory choiceHalle Berry elegantly toting her chic Moni Moni ‘Dolce Vita’ handbag – a trendsetting accessory choice (Credit: WENN)

I’d have thought a star like her would be toting the usual high fashion labels – LV, Hermes, etc. I guess I was wrong. The Moni Moni Dolce Vita handbag is an unconventional choice, though I must admit, also pricey.

Moni Moni Dolce Vita BagMoni Moni Dolce Vita Bag, $585

The bag is made in Italy and features the finest Italian leather. What’s unique about the brand is its expertise in making avante-garde vintage-looking bags with a punk rock feel. I guess this explains why Halle likes it. Her style is always a little edgy, a little tough, and a little bit of rock n’ roll.

If you want Halle’s Moni Moni Dolce Vita Bag, you can get it on pre-order at the Moni Moni website for $585.

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