The 5 Most Expensive Jackets in the World

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If you think buying a four-figure jacket is extravagant — think again! We’ve featured some pretty expensive jackets over the years, but all of them cannot hold a candle to these top 5 most expensive jackets ever made!

5. The Vanquish by Brioni

Bond. James Bond. That’s right! The Vanquish suit (priced at $43,000) has many loyal fans, including 007 himself. Made from two of the world’s rarest fibers, Qiviuk and Vicuña.

Qiviuk fiber is so rare that the coat cannot be shorn and fibers can only be gathered from what the animal naturally sheds. Vicuña, on the other hand, is shorn only every three years. There are only 150 existing pieces available worldwide.

The Vanquish by BrioniThe Vanquish by Brioni

4. Amosu Suit

What can you expect from the guy who made diamond-studded phones and accessories fashionable? Well, diamond-studded suits, of course!

The London-based designer, Alexander Amosu, spent 80 man hours making this one-of-a-kind suit priced a little over $100,000. Amonsu delivered the suit to its lone buyer in an armored Range Rover.

Suit jacket by Alexander AmosuSuit jacket by Alexander Amosu

3. Gold-Plated Cashmere Suit

At number 3 is the gold-plated cashmere suit from tailor Richard Jewels and designer Stuart Hughes.

If the gold plating is not luxurious enough for you, this suit also contains 480 0.5-carat diamonds! Only three people in the entire world will have a chance to own this $900,000 suit. Wow!

Gold-plated cashmere suit

Most expensive suit

R.Jewels Diamond Edition, designed and crafted by Stuart Hughes and Richard JewelsR.Jewels Diamond Edition, designed and crafted by Stuart Hughes and Richard Jewels

2. The Million Dollar Coat

Made by fashion designer Silke Waro, the “world’s most expensive coat” is made of 7,541 original designer labels, including Issey Miyake and True Form.

An art piece depicting our fascination for designer brands, the €759,987.20 coat is on display at the Graphic Design Museum in Breda, The Netherlands.

The world's most expensive coatThe world’s most expensive coat

1. The Thriller Jacket

The top spot belongs to a record-breaking, moon-walking fellow … the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. This iconic red-and-black leather jacket was worn by MJ in his 1983 “Thriller” music video.

The jacket (also autographed by Michael) was sold in a private auction at Julien’s Auctions, a California-based auction house specializing in items owned by celebrities, in 2011 for a whopping $1.8 million!

The iconic jacket was first worn by Michael Jackson in his “Thriller” music video in 1983The iconic jacket was first worn by Michael Jackson in his “Thriller” music video in 1983

If you won the lottery today, would you purchase any of these jackets?

Credit: The Vanquish, Silke Waro, Alexander Amosu, Stuart Hughes,  Michael Jackson 'Thriller' Jacket