Raoul Resort 2012’s Clear Capelet: The Unexpected Must-Have Raincoat

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Pieces from the decidedly mod-themed Raoul Resort 2012 collection have just arrived, and one of them is this clear capelet.

Raoul Clear Vinyl Capelet Raincoat

Raoul Clear Vinyl Capelet RaincoatRaoul Clear Vinyl Capelet Raincoat, $355.00

I was sure I wouldn’t wear this piece when I first saw it. It looked too costume-y, and I’m not a fan of plastic clothes in the first place.

But as I looked at it longer, I saw more of its appeal. It won’t ruin your outfit because, well, it’s see-through. It’s in a cute and trendy capelet style. It has that white leather trim that prevents it from looking like a floating plastic bag around your body. And it fully functions as a raincoat, keeping the rain out.

Now that I’ve decided I like it, my realization has come too late because there’s only a size 34 left as of writing. Girls who are quicker at spotting trends beat me to this capelet and had the money ready, too — this clear vinyl rain capelet is $335, which is not a price for something you just buy on impulse.

I hope that Shopbop restocks this clear capelet soon and that Raoul (or some other brand) designs transparent raincoats in these styles.

Girl drawing on the hood of a clear raincoatGirl drawing on the hood of a clear raincoat

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2011 Clear RaincoatBurberry Prorsum Fall 2011 Clear Raincoat

A  trompe l’oeil design or a drawn-on graphic print would look fabulous on a transparent raincoat.